Name: Sophus Erwin
Age: 20 Birthday: 12 Spider
Description: Average height. Thin, with long blond hair and green eyes.

Usual Dress: Usually wears a cloak styled like traditional cleric vestments, but not adorned with any symbols of Sul. I have some fancier clothes for hanging out with the nobles in Seaport, and some anonymous-looking bags for carrying notes with religious information on them.

Homeland: I grew up in Seaport. I've lived in the city and its surrounding areas for my entire life.
Parents: My mother came to the Academy to be a student. she was slightly younger than most, but she and her older siblings were all admitted together. They never really talked much to others about where they came from, and focused on making new lives for themselves in Seaport. She did tell me that she had originally come from Condor, and that her brother had arranged for her and his other siblings to escape during the chaos around the war with Eroth. My father was an older man, who had made quite a bit of money running a bank in Freeport and then semi-retired to Seaport.
Siblings: No full siblings. I'm told I have some half-brothers from my father's time in Freeport, but I've never met them.
Spouse/kids: No.

History: My father died when I was fairly young, but he left my mother his money and his remaining interests in his banking business. She sold the banking shares, as she wasn't interested in being involved in that sort of thing. She used the money to buy a small mansion in the country outside Seaport, where she tried to run the local community in the way she'd been taught in the Academy as opposed to what she'd seen in Condor. She used her education and her money to set up vineyards in the area, and used her connections in Seaport to persuade the nobility to start buying local wine instead of importing it.

While exploring her lands, she and I discovered an old stone building that, after investigating, we determined to be an abandoned temple of Sul. It still had some murals and books describing the faith and rituals associated with the goddess, and we read them. She realized that the faith of Sul, with its emphasis on community, family, and kindness, was an excellent bedrock for the way she wanted her society to work, and so she committed to restoring the temple.

I was never really much of a student, but between my mother's connections and my own charm, I was able to get into the Academy, and to do well enough to stay in it. I spent most of my time on religious studies, and took any opportunity I could get to learn more about the older Gods. It was obvious that the opportunity to do this would not be there for ever, so I was determined to learn what I could before all the old books were destroyed.

As the Vemoraxx gained control over the Seaport area, she and the other members of the community did what they could to conceal the existence of the temple. So far, the Vemoraxx haven't found it, but rumors suggest that they have heard of it. My mother arranged for the books and artifacts from the temple to be taken away and hidden by some members of the local resistance.

Why you became an adventurer?: The Vemoraxx chased me out of the Academy.

Close Friends: My fellow students of illicit topics. I also have several people in Seaport who came from my mother's estate, and who I have made a point of staying close with in case I needed to escape from the Academy.

Enemies: The Vemoraxx

Personality: Friendly and conscientious. I've never been much of a scholar, and I enjoyed the time I spent working with my mother to build her estates and the community surrounding them.

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