Simon Gustoe

Name:Simon Gustoe
Age: 16 Birthday: 8th day of the Hydra
Description: Dark Brown hair and usually clean but unkempt. Simon weighs in at 145 pounds and stands approximately 5'7". He usually has a look about him that he is up to something.

Usual Dress: Depending on his mood, he has been know to wear clothes that draws attention to himself and those around him. In his wardrobe he has a fair share of outfits that he could wear for almost any occasion. He does own a pair of plain brown boots, faded blue trousers,

Parents:who your parents are, if they are alive. Where they live
Siblings: None that he recalls.
Spouse/kids: He has nothing of the sort.

History: ::Anything unusual, or eventful. May be edited as your character pregresses with major events.::

Why you became an adventurer?:

Close Friends: Mindy, Sir Robert Drake, to be continued

Personality: ::How he usuallly acts. Any manerism, fears, prejudices, etc::

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