Shaelyn Togawa

Name:Shaelyn Togawa
Age: 18 Birthday: phoenix 13
Description: Long black hair, green eyes, pale white skin, dressed free spirited youth, 5'8" 198lbs

Usual Dress:black wool tight trousers, Black slimming houlter top, standered adventure boots.

Homeland: the academy
Parents:only my uncle and true friends know.
Siblings: only true friends will know
Spouse/kids: none that i no of

History: im very private but the truth will prevail in the end.

**Why you became an adventurer? To get away from the academy.

Close Friends:Gabreil and Simon
Enemies:Anyone one how gets in the way of my destiny, or just crosses me the wrong way.

Personality: I can be very outgoing, or to myself. I can be quiet or loud, be very private, and be shelter at times. Remember im a girl from the academy i can be very moody.

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