Saxton Hale II

Name: Saxton Hale II
Age: 22
Birthday: Dyrad 3
Description: He stands nearly six feet tall, having a peculiar build of being both dexterous and rather muscular. His hands and arms are covered in scars from his boxing days, and he usually carries himself with a wiry smirk.

Usual Dress: He is never seen without his grandfather’s fedora or bow, and displays both proudly about his person. Wearing simple clothes and a vest with pouches, he learns towards colors to blend in to the environment he will be hunting in, in addition to fancy boots.

Homeland: He was born in Coral Reef on Skull Island, and has lived in the area his entire life.

Parents:Saxton has lived most of his life in his father’s shadow.

Saxton Hale:
“Friends? What’s the point of friends, boy? You can’t take ‘em in the ring with you. Now stop yapping with yer questions and give me ten push-ups fer askin’!”
Perhaps the most famed pugilist in Coral Reef, Saxton Hale is a burly gentleman known for his fascinating moustache, massive muscles, thick accent, and patch of chest hair ominously shaped like Skull Island. He is arrogant, egotistically, and believes himself entitled to such vaunted opinions, given his record in the ring. Rumors say if he were to melt all of his trophies down, he would have enough metal to forge a full-size statue of himself, muscles included. Believing his first-born would continue his prowess of fisticuffs, he named his son in honor of himself, and began teaching the boy from a very young age how to fight, and when he came of age, inundated him with activities he designated “Strongman Work”, from log balancing and cart pulling to, as he called it, “river emptying”.

Lauren Hale:
“It isn’t that your father’s crazy, son, he’s just very… full of himself. I’m surprised he fits through doors with his ego in tow.”
Lauren Hale got her start as part of a traveling circus, a knife juggler and trick archer of small fame before she met Saxton Hale, a trade she practiced in what little free time she had after their marriage. As the years went on, Saxton took a greater and greater interest in their son’s upbringing, and before long he was taking him for days at a time on some ridiculous expedition to improve his endurance or balance. Slowly she managed to wean her son off of his father, and teach him a trade requiring more dexterity, and he took an immediate liking to the bow. She taught him the dangers outside Coral Reef and monsters, a broader education than his father taught. On his eighteenth birthday she gifted him with his grandfather’s bow, the Huntsman, as well as his brown fedora, with a single crocodile tooth on its rim.

Siblings: Saxton Hale II is an only child.

Spouse/kids: Having spent nearly all his time trapped in a training regimen one could only describe as “ruthless”, he has had little time for himself, much less anyone else.

History: From an early age, his father taught him that there are two important things in life: fighting, and winning. Family marks a close third, and friends are out of the picture. As the most arrogant and rather famed pugilist in Coral Reef, it was his father who began his tutelage in the finer arts of boxing. But no boxer could be without strong body, stout mind, and perfect balance, and so began “Surly Saxton’s Strength Seminar”, as he called it, a regimen of training exercises that townsfolk described as “terrifying”, “grueling”, and “completely inhumane”; Saxton called them “necessary training”. The training paid off as he won several youth matches against the sons of other houses, increasing both their egos and intensifying the training.

As he grew older, his mother gradually weaned him off his tyrannical father, showing him how to use both blade and bow to supplement his fists, much to the dismay of his father. She believed her son wasn’t entirely thrilled with the obsessive mindset of her husband, and he began spending as much training with either parent, improving his proficiency to the point where he placed in several archery competitions within the city. He felt more in tune with the bow, rather than the fist, and requested his grandfather’s bow, the Huntsman, so he could practice with a bow of better make. His father furiously denied it, dragging him off for a week of training and seclusion in the wilderness. Upon their return, he fought in several matches and severely trounced the opposition. Believing his training to be the reason for success, his father gave him time to himself, and Hale took the opportunity to learn more of the world from his mother and expand his education a little more. “A warrior who goes to a challenge blind is doomed to failure”, she would lecture repeatedly.

Upon the eve of his 18th birthday, his mother gifted him with his grandfather’s bow, the Huntsman, and as well as his fedora, believing he would have wanted his grandson to have it, his own son having been far too egotistical and ingrained in his straight-forward thinking to have much use for them.

Why you became an adventurer?: With the knowledge of the world at large filled with terrible creatures of all sorts, he believes he can not only make his mark on the world but help those who are plagued by such creatures, and garner some trophies along the way, not just trophies of marksmanship to rival his father, but others with far deeper meaning.

Close Friends:

Enemies: His father deeply resents his choice of living and being so far removed from the fray, but he supports his son in the only way he knows how: tough love. Some noble youths, now adults, still resent him from when he was a young pugilist, some even enough to take drastic action.

Personality: For all his good nature, Saxton Hale II inherited most of his father’s traits: arrogance, ego, and muscles. Fortunately, he was also gifted with his mother’s level-headedness, and knows to examine a situation carefully before rushing headlong into battle.

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