Age: 26 Birthday:first of the phoenix
Description: short black hair with firey red highlights blue eyes with a pink ring pale silvery skin wiry and tall skin hardened from the elements

Usual Dress: Elegant wrought leather armor with stunning yet simple breeches and a pale green cloak and cowl

Homeland: Savanah hails from the Icewall far to the north a small fishing village is where she was born and raised until an experience in the waste brought her closer to nature.
Parents:Both of Savanah's parents died not long after she was born
Siblings: she was raised by her 5 older brothers Mount, Tiaga, Jung, Isle, and Barren.
Spouse/kids: Not at this time Savannah's heart belongs to the wild.

History: :: Savanah has traveled the world with her Brothers until a destiny was laid before her when she knew she must walk her own path. This path has lead her to the lands of (Where we Are)

Why you became an adventurer?: To challenge the forces of darkness that have been corrupting the wild that she loves

Close Friends: Savanah has made aquantices with Janus and the two have developed an unlikely friendship the budding mage enjoys her stories of the wild, and he adores her free spirited and open nature.
Enemies: Savannah has crossed blades with any who hold favor with the encrouching darkness, she seeks to undo the evil that her one time lover and teacher has begun sowing upon the wild world his name Jamaka Panther is anthma to her

Personality: ::Savannah holds a sophistaced but dangerous air around her. Her fears of the darkness overcoming the light is what makes her fight for nature and right.

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