Name: Rydell Oakridge
Age: 15 Birthday: Dragon, 11
Description: Rydell is a short and skinny young man with black hair and green eyes that seem to shift in all directions as if scanning every detail for future use. He walks with an air of confidence that few can match. Usually you can find him in the shadows tailing Corvin or at the local Locksmiths, entertaining the Locksmiths Daughter Jynnie

Usual Dress:
Leather breachers with a dark grey tunic.

Rydell is known for his pranks and light laughter while not truly meaning all he says and does. He tends to take things too far and gets himself in trouble at times but his quick wit and stunning charm usually diffuses any situation down to a mild annoyance. Rydell is deeply loyal to his four friends and family and would go anywhere and do anything for them. He may talk a large talk of being a womanizer but he really only has one love and that is Jynnie. Rydell loves a good joke but not at the expense of someone close to him getting hurt.

Post Village Burning:
Since the burning of the village and the brutal slaying of all his loved ones Rydell in his mind has grown up and realized that the world is not a happy place to live. He believes that there are people out their stronger than the weak and they will destroy the weak if you let them. A resolve has grown in him the past few days, never to be weak again and never let anyone else he cares about to suffer like his family has. This growing flame within him yearns for vengeance of his family almost to a bloodlust.

Family: Rydell came from a big family. whis only living sybling is one brother Corvin the rest of his family three sisters Heather, Jasmin, Holly, and his parents Robin and Lily Oakridge farmers and herders were mercilessly slain by burning by a Silver Half Masked Man with a cloak of Condor. No details are known yet of this vile attack save for the fact Rydell, Corvin, Tharen, Arthas were the targets of the attack. Any others killed in the incident were just collataral damage.

History: My story begins the night I was born which most young ladies in my village would say was the most glorious day ever to shine upon the village. The day I graced my presence upon the world was the 11th day of the Dragon 15 years ago.
Even at a young age something about me was different, but even to this day I am not sure why or what that is.

As I was growing up, Ma before bed time would always tell me tales of grand adventure’s in the big city. Each night she would add onto the story she had been telling me all that week. She wove elaborate tales of daring adventurers, rescuing maidens in distress or hunting down evil wizards bent on enslaving the world. She told these wonderful tales in secret without the rest of the house knowing for fear that Pa would not encourage it. I think Corvin always suspected Ma was doing something like that but he has never said anything to me about it. I think he knew deep down that those stories that Ma spun every night was a way that she and I bonded.

The tale I loved to hear the most was a true story, Ma would tell me it over and over when I was feeling down or when I fell and hurt myself. She would tell me I was special and that one day I will see just how special I was.

Ma, swore upon all the gods names that she could muster that the cat in the crib story was true. Pa would just nod and grunt when asked so getting any stories out of him was useless. It seems that when I was but a babe in the crib a black farm cat that seemed to have wandered onto the farm when Ma got pregnant would sneak into the house at night to curl up in my crib with me. Pa never disapproved of the cat as long as the cat did his job and killed the rats and vermin that seemed to inhabit a farm is dealt with.

As I grew up any feline cat I came in contact with would just love me. I would spend entire days playing with the villages cat’s learning how to stalk them and sneak up on it. To me it was all fun and games little did I know that I would be a natural at doing it. After a time the damn cat would be trickier and trickier to catch by running though the barn or climbing small trees. I followed it, well most days anyway and even at some occasions got the better of it.

After awhile Pa would moan and grown and I would be forced to do chores that my tiny frame could handle. I then grew up like most farmers’ sons, meaning as soon as I was able to lift a pail, my days were filled with chores and farm work. Farm work can be summed up in one word BORRING!!
I would whine and moan or just disappear when chore time came around. The rare days that I was caught and couldn’t escape the responsibility I would do them very fast and not rather well. On these days Corvin usually went after me later on and finished up what I was suppose to do.

On most days when I played hooky with my chores I would wander the small village. The village can be summed up in one word BORRING!! until the day I meet Jinny and her father Colbert. It was early summer and I was just itching for something new to do. I wandered the village, cat close behind not wanting to play but searching for something else entertaining and new to do.

That something came in the form of a lock. I make it a point to know every inch of the village and on that day my wanderings stopped me in back of Locksmith Colbert’s house. He was new to the area and I heard he even had a daughter a little bit older than me. Most people accepted him into the village without much complaint. He seemed to just belong here and helped anyone he could. The villagers also didn’t mind the few merchants he brought to the village. Most farmers could unload any extra crops they had for a fair price.

The sun shone off a nice new lock on the Locksmiths door into my eyes blinding me. As I approached the source of the blinding light, I noticed that the lock was made of metal.
A lock this nice is very expensive, what is a simple locksmith doing with such a nice lock. I began to examine it admiringly at first which slowly faded to eager anticipation for what was on the other side of the door. I looked below the lock and could see little round balls inside of it. The small balls where arranged in a pattern that I could follow, I just needed to get something in the lock and move them. In my head I heard my brothers voice as if he were beside me chiding me “Rydell, stop what your about to do, this is not your house” I could hear him saying. I shrug it off like every thing else he says and look around for something wire like to slip inside the lock. After awhile I find my favorite doll Ernherst the Sly who was my childhood pretend friend for most of my life. His head was held to his body by a small wire wound around the dolls head that could be easily taken out and bent into shape.

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"Rydell you will be missed what you lacked in foresight you made up for in bravery. May the angels blow thier horns and make the heavens shake saying here comes Rydell, that way you can't scare the gods by sneaking up on them." Corvin Oakridge

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