Name: Rodor
Age: 26

Birthday: 7th day of the dragon

Description: Shoulder length curly brown hair, mutton chop mustache, Brown eyes and sun tanned skin, about 6'2" 240 lbs with a small gut.

Usual Dress: Chainmail, Brown tabbord, Brown pants

Homeland: Cornold a town south of seaport.

Parents: My father was a farmer and my mom helped out and watched us kids. My mom passed away when I was 5 and my father died while I was fighting for the mark. Before I was born, he was a traveler and shared stories of his travels.
Siblings: My twin brother - who was killed by my side in battle. 1 sister - not sure where she is.
Spouse/kids: Was married - wife killed by a madman. My son lives with my Uncle.

History: I'm from a small town called Cornold which is just south of sea port. I remember much of my childhood days were spent with my brother. After the farm chores were set we would go out on the lake fishing (in a canoe that my father, brother and I built). I remember my father teaching us sword play and shared his many stories with us. At the age of 16 both my brother and I served together in the mercenary group called the Black Bloodreigns who fought for the high chancelor of the mark. I was in for almost 7 years (my brother was killed 5 years in). Just after joining the mark we were given this drug called Drake. This drug gave us an adrenaline rush of stength that one can only imagine. Nothing could stand in our way. One punch from from me could kill or knock someone twice my size unconscience for days. The bad thing is you could not get enough of this drug. We would come up with any excuse to use this drug. After being off the "medicine" for close to a year now, I still have urgers. I wan't my superhuman strengh back.

Why you became an adventurer?: Good soure of income and lots of stories to be had

Close Friends: Jacob

Enemies: All are dead

Personality: For the past year since I have not been using any drugs, funny, kind hearted and a little nieve (similar to my old self). Periodiclly when I'm provoked I have been known to have bouts of rage but it goes away as fast as it comes on.

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