Francis Worthington

Name: Francis Worthington
Age: 18 Birthday:12 Dragon
Description: 6' 1", 210 pounds. Blue eyes, hair dyed orange in accordance with local fashion.

Usual Dress:When not adventuring, fur-trimmed coats and a hat made from dire wolverine leather (the latest style in Coral Reef, or at least the closest he can afford). When adventuring, a suit of armor with the Ankh painted on the front in gold, and a sash that lays across it with the Ankh painted over it so it does not disrupt the symbol.

Homeland: Several. Francis and his family moved around quite a bit when he was growing up. The last few years, they lived near Coral Reef, but earlier they had lived in Freeport and on the mainland, in the Mark.
Parents:Father: Adam Worthington, in itinerant scribe who spent his life moving from place to place to find better-paying work. He believed knowledge is the key to wealth, and so eventually became a member of the House of Scholars. Eventually, he moved to Coral Reef at the request of Lady Elizabeta, and continues to work for the organization, humbly collecting rare books and seeking to interview local nobles about their family histories. He proudly proclaims that he has seent he light, and that he no longer pursues mere material wealth.

Mother: Sarah Worthington. She initially supported her husband's pursuit of greater wealth (she grew up in Freeport as the daughter of a carpenter, and as such got to see how much better life could be with money), but steadily became disinterested as he failed to achieve it. When he gave up his dream of money and accepted a life of academic research, she left him and returned to Freeport, there to seek a new husband.

Siblings: Two younger sisters, Mary and Roberta. Roberta (15) lives with my father. She is not particularly intelligent, but is very attractive and has a famously powerful personality. There are some who feel she may eventually display sorcerous talents, and she has spent some effort trying to develop them. She was something of a favorite of Lady Elizabeta's, possibly for that reason. Mary was less talented, and the House was never as interested in her. She currently lives with Sarah in Freeport.

Spouse/kids: No

History: His parents' story left Francis with a suspicion of both learning and money. This left the church as a career, and he eventually became an employee of the great Temple of the One in Turtleback Ferry. He was introduced to the Temple when his father traveled there on House business, and felt at home there in way he did not with what either of his parent had become. He inherited his mother's sense of fashion, but otherwise found the austerity and acceptance of the Cainite branch of The One to be much more comfortable than either possible home.

Why you became an adventurer?:To repay the support the church had given him.

Close Friends: Several fellow clergy and paladins
Enemies: None yet. However, a paladin never has trouble finding some….

Personality: Relaxed and outgoing for a paladin (after all, the One preaches acceptance and tolerance), but still believes that there is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

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