Name: Nico Stratus
Age: 21 Birthday: 17th of the Dragon
Description: Green eyes and blond hair, streaked with silver. Tall and thin.

Usual Dress:Generally dressed fairly anonymously. Tries to have one or two stylish items when possible.

Homeland: Original homeland unknown. Grew up in Condor, but will usually not admit this. Claims to have grown up in the country around Edgewood.
Parents:Parents are still in Condor, as far as I know.
Siblings: One younger brother and sister, all still in Condor to the best of my knowledge. One older sister was sent out, presumably on a mission of some sort. I do not know where she was actually sent to, or what she was supposed to do.
Spouse/kids: No

History: My family originally comes from somewhere across the sea (no-one seems to remember exactly where). We have the blood of the gods in our veins, but that seems more of a curse than it should be. Generations ago, my ancestors were brought to Condor, and have been raised to serve the Great Mother and her Loyal Prince. Since we do not resemble the usual citizens of Condor, we were raised to infiltrate other nations and provide intelligence to Condor. Condor is a rough and violent place, but we were protected from most of it. We were always told that the state did what it had to do to protect itself and its various inhabitants from the various crusaders who sought to destroy it and overthrow the Great Mother, and so I grew up dutifully preparing for my role as a spy.

However, somewhere in my soul I always felt there had to be something more to life than the endless violence and constant paranoia in Condor. In addition, I always seemed to feel the pull of Kerribus more than most of my family. This was actually not much of a problem in Condor, as nobody there had much of a problem with someone who wanted to be outside at night (though, always inside the city walls…). Despite that, I was always driven by a feeling that I wanted to see what was actually beyond the forests and mountains I could see from the walls.

When I discovered that my ties to Kerribus gave me the ability to perform actual magic, I decided it would not be wise to tell anyone else, and so I kept it to myself. I did, however, try to learn as much as I could about magic, as I felt that one day it would be important to me.

Why you became an adventurer?: One day, a deputation from the Enloquicedo Guild came to the city. They stayed for a couple of days, and then left to head back up to Eroth. I pretended to be a member of the cult of teh Great Mother traveling with them, and quietly abandoned the caravan once it got into Eroth. I spent a few days observing Edgewood to figure out how to fit in, and then found myself a job as a clerk for the town mayor (I could read and write, which was enough). I knew I needed to find a way to get further away from Condor and keep a relatively low profile, so I decided I would join up with the next suitable group of adventurers.

Close Friends: Currently, none.

Enemies: I assume Condor is still looking for me.

Personality: Generally quiet, especially around strangers. Will be more direct and energetic when I'm confident in the people with me.

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