Name: Min
Age: 140 Birthday: Shadow 1
Description: Long Blonde hair, Purple Eyes, and a Tattoo pattern of lines from his eyes out to the edge of his face. Careful examination shows they follow scars in the same pattern. His skin is pale, and a strange sigil is branded onto his pamlm

Usual Dress: He often wears a hooded cloak, keeping his face and skin covered, though what little skin is shown is also scarred from what looks like multiple cut wounds. He wears an explorer's outfit over leather armor.

Homeland: Lain
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse/kids: None.

History: In the kingdom of Lain, elves are not free but hunted and forced into slavery. Pretty young elven girls - and even some pretty young elven boys - work the brothels for their madams. Those not so pretty work as domestic slaves, tending the homes of non-elves. They are cheap. Even poor human family can usually afford a house Elf. Elven males, work the fields, and mines. Unless they show some sign of being good at a craft. Then they will be put to use making things for their masters. Every good shop has an elf or two doing the delicate work. It is unknown exactly why the Queen makes slaves of Elves. Some say she was betrayed in the past by one. Other say she had visions that demanded her to enslave the elves of Lain would suffer an evil fate. Most scholar believe that it is the Queen’s intent to control anything magical in Lain, and Elves are magical in nature. If you are born an elf in Lain, your life is destined to be one of thankless servitude.

Another thing Lain Is known for is the Queen quest to unlock the inner power of a being. A worshipper of the One, the queen feels that each person has the potential to be something greater, and those that are chosen discover new reserves of strength and power within them, but at a price. Whether it is the alchemically modified Breaker Brigade, Strong tough, but short lived. Or the Potion Drinking Red Guard, who can fight all day and night, but suffer from addiction to their potions. The queen has experimented on many to unlock their power. Elves are no exception. Elves that show some sign at birth they may have some connection to the unknown are taken. Strange colored eyes, strange birthmark, rare Twins… Elven mothers try their best to hide these traits, for they know that once taken, they are brought to the deepest pits of Dire Hold. There they undergo unspeakable trial, meant to force the elf into unleashing his hidden talents through pain and suffering. No elf has survived the process. Until Now.
They call him Min or “one” is his native tongue. He is the first to survive and his unleash talents are remarkable and deadly. Scarred form the abuse he suffered and marked with the Queens personal markings on his face to show all he is owned by her majesty herself, he was trained as a living weapon, for the Queen to use against her enemies. They learned from him, and now there are others, but none yet match the power of Min. He is the shining achievement of the process. It is understandable why the Queen and her servant were so angry to found he escaped.

His captors underestimated not only the strength of the power they awoke in him, but his instinct of survival and his need for freedom. He slew two of his guards than ran from the city, using the sewers to hide. He was eventually found by the Elven Underground who south to help him escape. They knew he bore the queens personal markings, but they risked their lives to help him anyway. They did not know how important he was to the queen though, and her forces pursued him relentlessly. They cornered him at tavern which was used as a safe house. At this point though, Min would rather die than be recaptured. He channeled all the pain and suffering he had been put through into a single unleashing of his power. The Tavern was leveled. Min was the only survivor.

The Queen swore vengeance as she lost several of her best hunters. Min however used the confusion to escape and eventually made his way to quagmire. There he met Azeroth, and together they made their way west to Eroth. Though Min is relatively free in Eroth, he still bears the marks of his slavery, and the queen will pay handsomely to have him returned. Min is also a victim of another type of imprisonment, that of his own making, as his night are filled with nightmares of his treatment in Dire Hold, as well as the faces of the innocents lost to his outburst of power.

Why you became an adventurer?: To stay alive.

Close Friends: Azeroth

Enemies: Lain itself

Personality: ::How he usually acts. Any mannerism, fears, prejudices, etc::

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