Metjen Hasina

Name: Metjen Hasina Age: 22 Birthday: 11th day of Kraken
Description: 5’9” 184 lbs., long black hair, black scruffy beard, brown eyes, dark weather beaten skin and two matching tattoos under each eye of a sun encircled by serpents with wings spreading out.

Usual Dress: Light black and red cloth with leather armor worn underneath.

Homeland: Incara, born and raised on my parent’s family lands.
Parents: This one’s father: Khalid Hasina (deceased) This one’s Mother: Nuru Hasina
Siblings: This one is the third oldest of 4 children: (M) Madu Hasina age: 27, (M) Abasi Hasina age: 24, (M) Metjen Hasina age: 22, (F) Madisa Hasina age: 18
Spouse/kids: This one has not had time to entertain the idea of a family. Duty and current events prevents this one from trying.

History: This one was brought into the world on the 11th day of Kraken, the same day the most violent sand storm ever head of crept across the land. This one of coarse does not remember what it was like but this story has been told to this one many times growing up. It was said that the restless spirits of the desert came together for one purpose and that was to destroy everything it could. The sand storm was so great that violent dark purple lightning crackled within it and left destroyed barren patches of the desert where it passed. It was said much later that this mysterious storm was one prophesized in ancient texts and writings of old dating all the way back to the time of the old Gods. It was also said in the ancient writings that a boy born both of the Ancient Gods and of mortals would rise up and appease the angry spirits, helping his people in their time of need. This one does not know much about ancient prophecies but after this storm a most Noble Prince was found roaming the desert directly in the middle of the storm. This Prince grew to be Amon Khemet III or the Ruby Prince as this one calls him.

Growing up in the House of Hasina was tough and we learned discipline at an early age. This one’s family was members of an elite honor guard dedicated to protecting our Prince Amon Khemet III. Combat training started very young for us and the hardships of such training molded this one’s mind and body to be one with the desert. This one’s older brothers always picked on me and roughed me up every chance they could. Anubis knows this one loathed his family and would lash out at others for my brother’s treatment of this one.

One day, after a beating by this one’s brother’s a dark shadow crept across me as sand and mud was clogging this one’s nose. This one looked up to the stern face of the man this one most envied my father. He had witnessed the entire exchange and looked down upon me with the first soft expression this one has ever seen from him…ever. In two words that came from his mouth changed my life forever.
“Follow me” he said and walked back to the main house with me trailing close on his heels.
He led me to his personal study where on a book shelf he knocked a series of knocks and a section of a bookcase slid back to reveal a secret staircase that lead below.

Down we went to a secret level one this one never knew was there. The passage led to an underground level full of weapons, supplies, and crates. Many rooms lay down here and this one was amazed at the fact that all this was below me my entire life.
We finally stopped in front of a large ornate door scribed with runes and ancient symbols this one had never seen before. This one’s father stopped resting his hands on the handles of the door and said “What lies in here is what our family has been for countless generations little Metjen, for we are the Duskblade Brotherhood” TO BE CONTINUED WHEN I CAN

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