Name: Mathias Selwyn
Age: 18 Birthday: 14th day of Sose
Description: Mathias stands 5’11” with long flowing blond hair with bright green green eyes. His body is cut and lean and his skin is tanned from a life of being in the outdoors. A warm smile can usually be found upon his face at all times.

Usual Dress: A set of armor which seems to have seen some use and with a tabard of Sul worn over it.

Family: Born in the city of Hilston in the lands of Emic from a noble line of undead slayers he has a brother and 1 sister both older.

History: ::Anything unusual, or eventful. May be edited as your character pregresses with major events.::

Personality: Personality: cheery, and compassionate always ready to great a friend or help anyone in need.

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