Name: Luka Haywood
Age: 26 Birthday: 3rd of The Pheonix
Description: 6’0’’ muscular, tan skin, short black hair, green eyes.

Usual Dress: Usually can be found wearing his battle gear which consists of an old set of scale mail, a glaive that has seen better days, and a silver holy symbol of Kerius around his neck.
Other times when he visits the church of Kerius he wears acolyte’s robes

Homeland: Twin Suns
Parents: Father Joriden Haywood, Mother Aleah Haywood
Siblings: Wyn Haywood, younger brother
Spouse/kids: None

History: My history is one of shame and cannot be talked about out in the open. I grew up as the oldest son to two hard working middle class nobles. My parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot to build a cotton and wool merchant trade business from the ground up. By the time I was born they were already successful in Twin Suns and many other cities, so I wanted for very little. To look back and in honest hindsight, I grew up spoiled, as spoiled as any noble child would be. I attended lavish parties, balls, and theater social events with the cities elite. A life of luxury does get boring after awhile so my friends at that time and I craved adventure in the city. We soon learned to sneak around and rob other noble houses just to see if we could get away with it. We became very good at it, so good we attracted the attention of a very powerful guild. We did not get along very well, the guild and I, since we were arrogant and felt superior because of our noble status. It wasn’t long after that fateful meeting when I found out a truly prized treasure was in their possession. My crew and I, as I deemed them, made a plan to steal this object of great value and in turn pissing off this powerful guild.
“What came afterwards…no one could of expected!”
“If I had known… Kerius save me!
“My self-serving, noble ego got the better of me that day… and a lot of bad things happened from my actions”
“Since then, I have dedicated my life to helping others and serving a good, and just God.”
“Maybe one day I will be forgiven … but until then I pledge my life to Kerius”
Oh, Kerius, God of the Just, Lord of Vigilance and Law of the land.
I grow this seed of Vigilance in my heart,
Oh, hear my prayer,
Now and forever, I will fight in your name for what is right and Just,
Now and forever, I will protect the weak and fight for the innocent,
Now and forever, I will spread your word of law far and wide.
Please accept this humble servant into your service.

As those words escaped my broken heart, I found a new meaning in life. One filled with goodness, one that could help shape the world for all that is good and just. So I travel the world where Kerius takes me.

Why you became an adventurer?: To spread the word of Kerius and in doing so, fight evil, protect the weak, fight for Justice, atone for past mistakes.

Close Friends: Kerius and my Glaive.

Enemies: I cannot say here, let’s just say they are powerful.

Personality: Usually, serious demeanor but first to laugh at warm company and hearty jokes. Luka goes out of his way to help people that are truly in need and will die for the weak and innocent.

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