name luchien silverleaf
age 118 date of birth: 13th of spider
Description: he is 5' 6'' 140lbs with blond hair and almond color eyes. he has a slightly darker complexion then most elves. .

Usual Dress: he is normally dressed in either leather armor or an entertainers outfit and always wears his patchwork bard cloak.

Homeland: small town in northern Eroth
Parents:Father: Variel mother: Tessare
Siblings: younger sister: Yalandra
Spouse/kids: none

History: I am the bastard born son of an elf and a satyr. my mother was part of a cult that worshiped my father in her youth. she left him and the cult when she found her true love my stepfather. unknown to my mother my father kept in touch during my youth. he was the one who showed me how to play the lute. my mother taught me to sing. in my teens i won a great musical competition in sanction. later in life when i started my career as an adventurer i had the good fortune to meet and befriend Durmont Kerlan. i have since joined the ranks of the society for the preservation of hidden artifacts and knowledge.

Why you became an adventurer I have a few goals. one is to become a great and famous bard world over. but more important i wish to join my fathers world and become a full fey and not just a fey but a noble in the fey court.

Close Friends: my brothers and sister in the society. Maximillion the gnome. Durmont Kerlan:

Personality: i am a lover not a fighter. i love life and all she offers and take part in her grand play as much as i can. BTW Kyle is a dick

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