Lenwë Silimaurë

Name:Lenwë Silimaurë
Age: 142 Birthday: Dragon 22nd
Description: Lenwe is 4'7" 117lbs Thin with an athletic build, Long silver hair in a half tail frames a thin weathered face, Brilliant green eyes show a depth ofintelligence and perhasp a child like naiitivity, nothing else seems to stand out about this elf.
Usual Dress: Embroided leather breeches, and a green and silver tunic. some simple jewelery, and a masterfully carved bracer of darkwood with platinum fillihre, depicting the world tree in full bloom.

Homeland: Evereasa a small elven community in Eroth.
Parents: Escheyln and Fidelis Silimaurë, After his father's passing his mother Fidelis took work with Amicus Trade Consortium. This lead the family to several locations throughout Nor. Most recently his mother has taken the role of Lordess of Hellgate Keep.
Siblings: A sister loyal to her mother and the Consortium.
History: Trained in wizadry from a young age, Lenwë has had time to hone his craft, a devout follower of Keribus, he has spent time reserching spells and thier effects. A universalist of magic he tries to learn at least one spell of each school, while favoring abjurations, he fells knowledge of all magic is necessary to be a complete wizard.
Why you became an adventurer?: To uncover lost knowledge and forgotten magic, and the choice of working in the consortium or helping it while blazing your own path, he chose the path with more freedom. While maintaining regular contact with his mother, he tends to recieve clues to areas that may contain historical significance to both magic, the elves, and history itself.
Close Friends: Abadar a human abjurer who he went to school with ages ago. After celebrating his friends 53rd birthday he has set out to see if the consortium in Coral Reef has found any information of historical significance.

Personality: Generally quite and reserved, perfering to listen then to speak, He has a personal aversion to darker magics only using them when in dire need. Has a personal vow to never cast an evil spell, for fear it may comsome ones soul.

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