Name:Lenok Enloquicedo
Age:19 Birthday:5th of Rhea
Description: Dark skin with sharp blue eyes. Longish white-blond hair; presumably dyed.

Usual Dress:Well made Wizard's robes, with some prominent jewelry. I'm proud of my heritage and my skills.

Homeland: Large, fortified city
Parents:My father Quennel is still alive. He is a prominent merchant, with interests in several cities. He does not approve of my decision to use the education he paid for to become an adventurer. My mother, Lorianne, is also still alive, and works with my father to run his companies.
Siblings: My younger brother Sam works for my parents. Perhaps he will one day inherit the company, if he develops enough of a spine. I have two younger sisters, who are not yet old enough to be considered more than children. I used to have an older sister, but she is now dead.
Spouse/kids: Not that I know of, anyway…

History: I grew up in a substantial city, with parents wealthy enough to provide me with the education that made me a wizard. They wanted me to become a diviner, figuring that would be helpful in running the company. I drifted away from that path as I grew up, partly because I wanted to see the world and partly for the reason described below. I was drawn to the worship of the One God because his emphasis on the mind and its power seemed a good match for my magical inclinations.

Why you became an adventurer?:My older sister disappeared one night. My parents tried to find her by paying for divination magic, but it did not work. The clerics think she was taken by a creature of the dark. I determined to learn as much as I could about such creatures, and to do whatever was necessary to defeat them. This also led me to sympathize with the aims of the Order of Illumination more than most mages. However, the fact that her faith in the One God did not seem to protect her, as well as he inability of the priests to find her, has caused my faith to weaken a bit recently.

Close Friends:Other children of merchants. They appreciated the ability of cantrips to supply entertainment and cover up minor misdemeanors.
Enemies:May father wants me to return to the family firm, and sees my departure as an abandonment, almost a betrayal.

Personality: Somewhat bolder and more aggressive than most wizards, but still devoted to reading. Also prone to gossiping about people. I enjoyed raising vegetables in the family garden, and became pretty good at it. While still in high school, I set the city record for largest watermelon grown without magical assistance.

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