Lanis Sillin

Name: Lanis "Lanis'sillian
Age: around 140 (from memory may change as i do not have the sheet in front of me) Birthday: unknown
Description:Lanis has Long Blond Hair pulled back away from face, usually in a ponytail. He is tall for an Elf, in fact one of the tallest elves in Elvenhome. He towers over most humans. He is built, his skinny frame hides muscles.

Usual Dress: He loves Green and browns, russet reds.. his clothes matches the season almost subconsiously. Greys and whites in the winter. Light greens in the spring, hunter or forest greens in the summer and reds and browns in autumn. However since he does not have the option of clothing in the field. He wears a simple green cloak, and studded leather armor of his station, elven built for comfort, the armor has leaf motif as a help to camouflage in the woods of Elvenhome.
He dislikes wearing human clothes as he finds them coarse.. compared to the soft almost silken fabric of his homeland.

Homeland: Elvenhome
Parents:Both Lanis's parents are deceased killed in a Beholder attack. his Father was a Blade Singer a true hero of his race who sacrificed his life to save other elves from the beholder. his mother was a wizardress and protected her son from the oncoming attack thus also sacrificing her life for another elf. They were both given great honors, but left Lanis a orphan, he was raised by his great uncle Celetin' sillian a counsel to the king himself.
Siblings: none, elves are a long lived race, his parents were "young" when they died
Spouse/kids: Lanis had no wife or children, but has found his life-mate, an Elf woman named Aintithenniel (Ine-tee-thehn-nee-ell). He has promised to perform the soul merge (humans call it wedding but it is more deeper than that) once he returns.

History: :: will attach or check the forum

Why you became an adventurer?: Sent by the Elven counsel as his "duty" as an elf

Close Friends: Most are from Elven home.. He does not agree with Felicia's human attitude, but considers her an ally as she is elven. The others are growing on him, but he distrusts them as he has only seen betrayal in the human lands. Another thing holding him back is the fact that Lanis is wise enough to know that baring getting killed, most of his "friends" will die of old age while he still lives. He is not sure what to do with that, so he tries to stay distant.

Enemies: Any enemy of the Elves are his enemy. He hates Aberrations especially beholders.. since the death of his father and mother he has researched some tips.

Personality: ::Lanis is unfortunately very prejudice against humans, he does not trust them. This was instilled in hims long ago, not to trust any humans, and he has seen nothing in the human lands to detract his view. In fact he borderline paranoid, as it seems his senses are harder to pinpoint in the humanlands. Overall he watches what is around him first, and tries to hold his reaction back. A few times the impetuousness and carelessness of the humans has rubbed off and he is making an effort to stop it! He however is wise enough to give them a chance first or at least he tries, he knows that he cannot get to close to any non elf as most will die in what the elf perceives is a blink of an eye and he is unprepared emotionally to handle something like that. He does have a fondness for younglings of any race, and will avoid hurting them if at all possible. He also has a strong sense of free will and is kindhearted. He does not like to see thing needlessly suffer.

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