Name: Kieyanna
Age: 51 Birthday: 21 of The Dryad
Description: Fair Skin, Med Length blonde hair tied back with two thin braids. Well toned

Usual Dress: Wears leather boots and armor, travel worn but in good condition.. Carries a long bow, longsword, and a hand axe at her belt. .

Homeland: Zito, A village south of Eroth.
Parents: Father Gellius, deceased, Stepmother Tessara Alive in Zito, Birth Mother <name> unknown
Siblings: Merisiel, younger sister, deceased, <name> younger Brother, alive in Zito, <name> younger sister alive in Zito
Spouse/kids: None

History: The life of a half elf is seldom a happy one, and Kieyanna is no different. Kieyanna's parents Gellius and Liranna met when they were both relatively young for their race. Neither had had much experience in the world, and their romance started as most do, with happy times. they had a daughter, and moved to a small village called Zito. They lived there for several year, but as time went on Liranna felt more and more like an outsider. While the people of the village treated them both with respect, Liranna was simply too different from the rest of the villagers. She also came to the realization that one day she would see Gellius and Kieyanna grow and die of old age and it was too much for her to bear. One morning Gellius woke to find her gone without a trace. He searched for her for some time, but recognizing that his daughter needed him, especially now that she was the only different one in the village, he settled in to care for her and try to give her as normal a childhood as he could.
Eventually Gellius met a human women from the village, Tessara and they fell in love. At first it was rough, but soon Tessara and Kieyanna formed a bond. Tessara also gave Gellius three more children who Kieyanna loved as full siblings. Tessara actually taught Kieyanna much as she was the only daughter of one of the hunters in the village, and had picked up much woodlore in her youth. Kieyanna had a special affinity for the woods, which was natural for her elven heritage. Kieyanna though also had an affinity that neither of her parents shared. That of a warrior. All elves growing up are taught Bow and Sword, but Kieyanna, growing up in a human village never had that training. Instead she taught herself, and became proficient in both. So proficient that she was asked to join the watch to the dismay of some of the village boys. She could shoot better than most and outfight quite a few in melee too. Unfortunately this did not help her fit in any better. In fact she often went on patrols alone, and had a reputation as a loner.
Kieyanna’s life changed with one event. Some of the younger teens had been outside the village at a local falls when they came across a few member of the Hells Messenger’s Mercenary group. The company had a dark reputation and often hired on in Condor to enforce the law in the southern part of the region. Why they were this far north, no one knew, but they attacked the group from Zito. Their intentions were less then honorable. Kieyanna’s younger sister Merisiel was among them. She fought rather than submit, and was beaten badly. The village Wisdom did what she could, but her wounds were bad and the trauma had affected her deeply. Kieyanna helped care for her, her last few days. She then left Zito to hunt those responsible. She caught up with several of the mercs in Condor, and served them justice, but she never found their leader, the one who ordered the attack. After more than a year of searching, she returned to Zito, to find even more bad news.

While she was gone, her father had taken his own life. The old loss of Lianna and the new sorrow of losing Merisiel to the Mercenaries, and Kieyanna to her quest for revenge was too much. Her stepmother was a strong woman and had done her best to hold the family together, but Kieyanna could see the changes. She also noticed how old her siblings had gotten in such a short time. She was older then them by 15 years, but she looked so much younger. While they were getting close to their middle years, she knew that she was still young as far as half-elves go. It was then that she realized that Zito was not a home for her. Like her birth mother, she knew that staying here would only be a reminder of how different she was, and how she too would witch her family pass on, while she remained. She made her good byes, and left Zito for good.
Since then she has worked in various jobs, caravan guard, hunter, even monster slayer. But as a half-elf she has not found a place to call home. To humans she is an elf outsider, and to elves, worse, a human tainted half breed. Because of this, she has mostly kept to herself. She still looks for members of the Hells Messenger, for she knows that somewhere her sister’s main attacker is out there, and she also keep an eye out for her birth mother. She doesn’t quite know what she should do if she found her, but the world can be a small place. She also searches for that place (or perhaps group of people) she can call home.

Why you became an adventurer?: Didn't fit in doing anything else. Also the quest to avenge her sister, and possibly find her mother.

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