Kenton Falher

Age: 22 Birthday: 12 Phoenix
Description: Average height and slightly scrawny build. Messy, dirty-blond hair and sharp green eyes with a slightly hunted expression.

Usual Dress: Simple outfits suited to traveling. When in more relaxed circumstances, a tabard embroidered with the symbol of Gilidan.

Homeland: More Freeport than anywhere else, but I've never been in one place for very long.
Parents: Storekeepers in Freeport. I do not know for sure where they are at the moment.
Siblings: Two brothers, both sailors on ships based in Freeport.
Spouse/kids: Not at the moment. I hope to later, when things are a little more stable.

History: When I was born, my family lived in Coral Reef, where my father was a storekeeper who specialized in rare and unusual items. He made a comfortable living selling such things, often acquired from Freeport, to the various nobles in the city (at the time, he did not understand what those creatures actually are). One day, my father came into possession of an old book describing the career of a pirate from the early years of Freeport. Apparently, he had considerable dealings with Coral Reef, and this allowed my father to learn much of what is really going on in that city.

I'm not entirely sure what he then did, but we were soon forced to leave the city very quickly and quietly. He did not have the book with him, and I have always wanted to find it again. After that, we traveled through several cities and eventually settled in Freeport, where my parents again set up a small store. This time, they dealt mainly in ordinary goods, figuring a general store would not attract too much attention.

My parents always pushed me to gain an education, and not to trust the authorities too much (not a difficult lesson to learn in that city). Our circumstances meant that I was never really able to attend a formal school, but I always found ways to find books. Sometimes these means were less than entirely legitimate, which was deeply unfortunate. As I have come to create my own books, I have seen how dispiriting it is to have other people steal them from you. Perhaps it is guilt about this that drove me to the Temple, but the Great Scholar has guided my way ever since. His commandments to gather and disseminate knowledge across the world have become my greatest goals. In my free time, I seek to memorize his holy texts, so that I may preach the True Word at all suitable times.

As I grew older, I started to write books of my own. Initially, I worked for a small company in Freeport writing books of advice for farmers and other professions. However, this was not as exciting as I had hoped it would be. I wanted to write for the Freeport Times, because Fair and Balanced News is perhaps the highest calling of a writer. At the time, though, they weren't hiring, and so I resumed my wondering ways, and eventually found my way to the Society.

Why you became an adventurer?: The Society's goals align well with my own, and I hope to learn enough to find more about the book my father lost, and the pirate who wrote it.

Close Friends: None outside my current party. I have never really been in one place long enough to make any.
Enemies: I'm sure some of the people I used to steal from don't like me very much, but I don't know how many of them care enough to find me.

Personality: I've traveled a lot, and so have acquired a nice range of stories and jokes I can tell to those I meet. I'm always willing to learn more about wherever I travel to, as there's always something new to learn. I have definitely learned that the way of the book is better than the way of the sword, but I have learned a few things about how to swing my mace in dangerous situations, and I am more than prepared to stand up for myself should the situation require it.

I do enjoy table games, especially those that require a notable element of skill. Such games make a welcome relief from the more demanding aspects of academic study.

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