Kendrak Runeshield

Name: Kendrak Runeshield
Age: 160 Birthday: 1st of the Phoenix
Description: 4' 3", 196 lbs

Usual Dress: Kendrak wears armor emblazoned with the Ankh of the One God, and carries a shield bearing the heraldry of the Runeshield clan.

Homeland: Kendrak hails from Frosthaven, a small community in the Ice Wall in Emic.
Parents: Both parents (Freya and Thudaar) are deceased - Died eaten by a purple worm
Siblings: One younger brother, Rurik, ranger in the icewall, and one younger sister Freya, Cleric of Tempest.
Spouse/Kids: None.

Kendrak served in the Order of Illumination for some time, before leaving over differences in.. methodology.
Cain saved him from a sorcerer attempting to sacrifice him.

Why you became an adventurer?: See Desription of Paladin.

Close Friends: Father Cain of the Order of Illumination.
Enemies: He has differences with the Order of Illumination, though not enough for them to be 'enemies'.

Kendrak is wary of sorcerers, though sees the potential for good in magic as well.

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