character:Kaden Myrna

Name:Kaden Myrna
Age: 23 Birthday: 19th day of Shadow
Description:Short Light brown hair , Brown eyes 5'4" 155 lbs

Usual Dress:A simple tunic and a leather kilt, A long red tabard hides hardened leather

Parents:Kaden has never really known his parents as near as he can figure it, something about owing taxes to the church either forced him or his entire family into service for Condor's growing export business
Siblings:None that he knows of but he considers his former work mates as his brothers and sisters
Spouse/kids: none

History: ::At an age to young to remember Kaden was to help in the export business. His duties started as menial clean up and as he grew older became more directed to his aptitudes. At around 10 he was given a Crossbow crossbrace, and a piece of wood and some crude tools and told to make more. While the first few were crude it was not long until his quick hands built up the muscle memory and he gained a craftsmen eye to reproduce his work with a quick and efficient manner. Eventually he was tasked with harder and harder projects. It was at this point that the winds of change fell upon him and Asastos favored came upon the camp while some fought the hobgoblin guards others went and unbound the workshop doors. Through the chaos Kaden and a few work mates found there way from the camp. They went down to the river and played and had fun. Then the priestess came, the sting of the whip hurt. Kaden didn't understand why he was being whipped but something changed that day, he felt an urge to be back in the woods away from the enclosed camp and his pile of hay and small work bench. As the long days wound even longer together, an idea came to Kaden. That what was happening at the camp was wrong. This was not a sudden realization it took time. Crying children wanting their parents, old men and woman being dragged from the workshop screaming, “NO NO I CAN STILL WORK”, the traders who came to pick up there wares dressed in good clothes and smelling of sweet things. All of this over time sparked a little fire of imagination. One night in a terrible storm it happened the boards creaked under the strain and the building clasped, using the confusion just as when he was a child he ran down to the river, while being chased by the Hobgoblins across the river he was swept away down stream. Kaden ws found by a couple of men washed upon some rocks, and was taken too Treehaven. There he spents some time learning woodcraft, and wood lore. He learned the art of bow making. Fearing that he was beign hunted though, and not wanting to put the town in danger, he soon left for the more remote sothern region.

Why you became an adventurer?:After wandering around the southern shore for a time Kaden learned a lot about abuse and what was really happening with the trinkets that were made for the glory of condor. The perverse nature of it all chilled him and sickened him. One night after the most recent shipment was made ready for transport. In the dark of night Kaden made his way to the docks where the little trinkets were being stored until the morning to be loaded. And he started fires all around the boxes. After it started he headed back out to the woods to head away from the scene. He was witnessed leaving town and while he wasn't stopped he was wanted. After he saw the first decree for sedition and acting against the crown he started living up to the claims. He spoke against Edris in small bars when no guards were around. And Defiled the statues that were not being actively watched. All these things added to the posterity he enjoyed and after stealing a horse and using it to pull down a statue of Edris breaking off it's head and throwing it into the horse trough at a guard station. And getting away from them he made his way further north west to cloud's crossing. Waiting for the heat to die down before returning to harass Edris again. One day word came to the crossing of a tragedy that happened one of the work camps had been burned to the ground and the blamed the miscreant who torched the “Relief Supplies” months earlier. This changed Kaden who left Condor and headed first to wroth and then to seaport to look for help to bring down Edris and Free Condor.

Close Friends:
Enemies:Edris, The Crown and it's Nobles and The Church of Takhene who defile the people of Condor

Personality: ::How he usuallly acts. Any manerism, fears, prejudices, etc::

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