Name:Jak Tagowa
Age: 19 Birthday:14th of griffin
Description:5' 10" 195lbs short brown hair blue eyes always looks mischievous has two tattoos on right arm one of a lady smiling and one of a lady frowning

Usual Dress: Wears a wide brim hat leather armor nice cloak and boots if not in armor then a well cut jacket keeps a scarf around his neck and wears a leather cord with a small pouch that holds his most prized possessions a pair of dice and his brothers badge of an inquisitor.

Family: None alive

History: what about me ok well were do i start i grew up in the fortress of light. there i was know as the scourge of the fortress well by sargent joesph anyway when ever he cought me doing somthing. ok so i was a little rambunctious as a kid hey with all the stuff solders of light around somone had to have some fun. anyway life realy starts for me the day i went into the doors. see the fort was under siege by orcs who were lead by this cruel wizard. he had heard of the room of forbiddance its this large room in the fort were they keep anything magic that the order finds. well the lord captain had been killed in the fighting so my father along with the rest of the captains had a meeting to try and figure out how to kill the wizard and restore the keeps moral. well me being me i of course was hiding in the room. well we will need to mount a charge this mage must be killed for the orcs to disperse yes well we would truly need twills luck for that and who will lead it none of us has the same kind of knowledge as the lord captain did. also how do we stop that wizards magic. well at this point i snuck out i thought i knew how to solve there problems. see i never thought like those damn wightcloaks
huh what do you mean ya i am a member of the order i already told you that, what do you mean why am i calling them down i didn't look you wount me to finish. anyways i always thought magic might not be evil so how better to fight it than with it i figured there would be somthing in the room of forbiddance that could help. so in i went yes yes of curse its locked by that never stopped me. well i was looking though all this junk i swear that room realy is packed anyway in the back of the room lies these two weird doorways well as i am looking i tripped right into the elfin doorway wait i didnt come out with a slit through and were did i get that name from oh bloody hell i hat when it happens i swear bloody huh oh sorry ya ya i explain in a sec. anyway as i was saying into the doorway i go and in front of me is this huge half human half fox thing hey don't look at me like that its true anyway its starts going on about music and fire or something like that well i thought i was dead i figured one of takkhens minions was about to eat me but then it just asked me what my wish was well before i could even think i asked for the things to help my father it looked at me for a second then told me my wish was granted but i should have asked for the price first. well the next thing i know i wake up outside the door my head hurt something terrible and i had this gold two headed eagle coin in my hand. well i went running to find my father only to discover it was a week later the big battle had taken place and my father had died in it. well as time went on i started to find out just what had happened to me now my head is filled with other peoples memory's they creep up on me from time to time sometimes i don't even know. then there was the night a the grand old lady its a tavern in emic well here i am playing dice and i couldn't lose if it was not for my illuminators badge i would have been in a real jam or there was the time i was disabling this real intricate trap well damn it if i didn't sneeze well the trap should have gone off right in my face but by twills luck part of it had rusted so bad i didn't work. well thats me in a nut shell so anyone up for a game of dice………….

well my brother always geting me into trouble even though everyone thinks its my fault has been murdered and i am now stuck with the most naive and crazy adventuring group nor has ever seen not only do they think and ACT like the whole of nor is like condor and they a bloody vampire following them well lucky they found me they need some one to keep there bacon out of the fire.

personality:**he is usaly always in good spirts and loves to drink flirt and gamble he hates taking unnecessary risk's but will do anything for a friend he tends to be a bit rambunctious and always will say whats on his mind this combination has tended to get him in trouble once of twice

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