Name: Horus Gahiji
Age: 25 Birthday: 19 of the spider
Description: 5' 10", 195lbs, black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, matching tattoos under both eyes of a sun encircled by serpents with wings spreading out.

Usual Dress: dark linen red with some black with a chain shirt underneath

Homeland: Incara in the city of Kadep
Parents: Sekhet is this ones mother and Darius is this ones father
Siblings: this one has 3 siblings all younger Jamila a sister 2nd oldest 24 , Ottah 3rd born 21 , and Tarik youngest 18
Spouse/kids: none

History: This one is first born in the proud house of Gahiji. this one have been trained since birth to be a warrior and protector of my Amon, Land, and People. since ancient times this ones family along with a select group of other ancient family's has been part of The Duskblade Brotherhood. it is our sacred duty to guard our people, land and Amon. with the recent opening of our peoples tombs the unthinkable has happened the brotherhood has split in half. well many have doubts about the legitimacy of our current Amon it was his decision to open the tombs that split us for in our ancient past hides a great doom to our people. still the opening of the tombs has been a blessing to our people and though there is danger that is why we stand watch. but not all see it this way now those who turned there backs on us seek to take down the Amon and stop the opening of our tombs. To this ones great dismay my own brother Ottah is one of those who turned. this one can only hope he will eventually see the error in his path. As the eldest in my family i was raised from birth to one day take my fathers place has head of our family and the greater responsibility that carried with it that i would one day find out about. this ones father is a great hunter and tracker and that is where my training started as a child. i then moved to wooden weapons my father would train with me often but his duty also took him away for great stretches of time in these absences he would arrange other training for me. at one time i was sent to learn the ancient tong of my people. well another time i was to learn the workings of the city and how to better interact with its many people. opon my 16th year my father sent my siblings out with my mother. he took me to his trophy room where he showed me a hidden panel. behind the penal was a set of stairs going down to a whole section of my home i never knew was there. inside was storage rooms, extra bedrooms, a small armory, a privet library and a secret way out. here he told me about our family's long history. that day i was officially brought into the duskblades though my training was far from over. shortly after this time my father had to go away again and i was sent for more training. this time i was sent to spend some time with another family but this time my father made me aware that they were like us. it is here i first met my good friend metjen.(more to come about this time). eventually as my brothers grew they too were trained by my father and as i took on more responsibility my self as well. soon we were all made aware of the houses secrets and our duty. all was well for a short time i grew into my roll and began leaving home on my own adventures. but then came the arguing about the tombs and the eventual split. i was summoned home one day and my father had me and my brothers meet him in the hidden sanctuary. he told us of his decision to side with the Amon and those family's doing so. i was in agreance with him but my brother was not. we argued for a long time and tempers rose my brother stormed off denouncing my father. i chased after him but when i caught up to him he called me a blind fool. he insisted that if i didnt side with him and those who split that i was a traitor to our people. i tried to reason with him but he attacked me calling me a traitorous dog. we fought but i was the more experienced and was able to take the upper hand realizing his defeat my brother took off and that was the last i have seen of him.

Why you became an adventurer?: With the opening of the tombs what better way to guard them then to be there when they are opened. i also believe that if our ancient culture is to be brought back we should be among those who bring it back.

Close Friends: those amongst my adventuring party the phoenix company i also have maintained contact with some old friends from my childhood who have found good places for themselves and of-course my brothers in the duskblades.
Enemies:Anyone who threatens my people, land and Amon

Personality: Generally calm and thoughtful well i have been trained as a warrior i have also learned the wisdom in talking before violence. i tend to enjoy life and people. when the time comes for action though i do not hesitate or hold back. my people and land are the most important thing to me and i cannot stand to see my people suffer. i generally look for the good in most people though i am aware that it is lacking in some. ( he is very calm and reserved even in the thick of a situation he does not show a lot of emotion. well he looks for the good in people he is also a bit paranoid always on the look out. he is very affable and though its partly because he generally likes people the real reason is it allows him to get close to people so he can keep an eye on them. he will try to talk first but if he sees that it is not working or thinks someone is too big a threat he will not hesitate to kill them.

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