Name: Godric Fairgate
Age: 176 Birthday: 12th day of dragon
Description: Appearing gaunt and withered Godric Stands at 5'7”, appearing younger from his right side it is the side he instinctively tries to place forward. His skin tone is remarkably bright for an elf almost a pink in color, Hazel eyes framed with dark ash brown hair. Always seen carrying at least one bag he tends to dress in formal mage style.

Usual Dress: a Flowing red robe with ink stained cuffs, covering a black stole, leather apron and lavender breeches, tanned leather boots, and his mothers Ailette completes his ensemble

Homeland: Originally from Sky vale Godric left after the death of his brother to seek knowledge and research the location of legendary cures and artifacts of power, the reasoning being so the means to help those who need it are available to those who would seek it.
Parents: Gallin the older rest in peace lies in the family tomb, his mother still resides in the family estate in sky vale.
Siblings: Gweyndalyn Allora and Daillyn are his older sisters, His brother Cail is entombed with his father and his mother Megan Rose
Spouse/kids: At one time before he left for a small tower between SkyVale and the valley of the gods yes a lovely wife Aeithel and three beautiful daughters Selys, Issil, and Cailyn

History: When Godric was younger he went to Sanction to learn as his grandfather had long ago. Unfortunately one day while heading home for his arraigned marriage he intervened in an altercation between a mugger and a young man with pale skin and yellow eyes. Both Godric and the young man were able to retreat to a guard station wounded. Helping carry the man, Godric was afflicted by whatever was wrong with him. Godric started his journey home not wanting to be late for the festivities and rushed home. Along the way he started developing a fever and a aching in his joints but long nights in drafty stone buildings will do that. As he came home and spent time with his family word had come from the south of an outbreak of illness killing humans. Cail was the first to create jokes to try and lighten the mood and such. Months after the ceremonies Godric started showing signs of illness. Of all his family Cail was with him watching over him day and night. Godric was wasting away slowl,y the left side of his body beginning to atrophy. Cail turned to desperate measures and tried anything that might work even trying a transfusion of blood like the physician in town used sometimes. Eventually Godric recovered somewhat, Cail on the other hand quickly deteriorated and all means used to help him had no effect. This crushed Godric's spirit as much as the disease had crushed his body/m The scars and marks of his illness forced him to walk away from all he loved. His Parents, His wife, even his three daughters, born on yule. These triplets gave him strength to fight and it was a gift from Sul they had not succumbed to their fathers sickness. Thankful for that, he often stopped by the statue of Sul in the valley on his way to and from the Temple of Gilidan after the Clerics of Sul told him the disease had run it's course.

Why you became an adventurer?: If it were not for Two men seeking knowledge and bearing the blessing of Sul Godric would still be in his small stone tower, But the fact that Sul had brought them to him, was a sign just like the health of his daughters was a sign

Close Friends:
:The closest thing to friends Godric has is the Cleric and Paladin whom he met and agreed to help
Enemies: His Father's brother Elegal blames Godric for the death of Gallin and his bastard half-elf son Cail

Personality:Often wearing a full hood, drawn tight to the left side, partly to cover the marks of illness mostly to spare others from having to bear witness to them. Often quiet and observant Godric prefers to answer questions then to ask them.

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