Name: Feyrill
Age: ??? Birthday: No idea
Description: Weathered face, long brown hair with bits of twigs and leaves stuck in it. Piercing yellow eyes, lanky build.

Usual Dress: Leather armor with multiple layers on forearms and shins. Worn backpack slung over shoulder.

Homeland: Fey Realm
Parents: I do not know. A Fey bear raised me.
Siblings: None that I know of
Spouse/kids: none

History: ::Anything unusual, or eventful. May be edited as your character pregresses with major events.::

Why you became an adventurer?: To survive the harsh trials of the Fey Realm

Close Friends: Lutoo my bear animal companion.

Enemies: All Vemoraxx, Venovoraxx the Great Green Dragon

Personality: Serious nature, quiet and brooding.

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