Father Cain

Name:Father Percival Cain
Age: 30 Birthday:10th day of sose
Description: 6' tall bald 230lbs wethered dark skin ice cold blue eye other eye is white with a long scar through it always apears to be stern

Usual Dress:a plain breastplate with the tabbard of a quistoner of the order of illimination over it and his holy symbol of the one god. if not in armor then the simple robes of a prist with the orders tabbard over it

Homeland: HarenHall
Parents: Father Archibald Cain, Captain in the Order. Mother is Susan Cain, daughter of a merchant family
Siblings: one younger brother, serving as a soldier of light and two younger sisters
Spouse/kids: i am marriad to the cloth

History: ::i was born and raised in a millatry famly in harn hall. my father and grandfather both served in the order of illimation my gradfather fought in the great orc wars and my father was a captin during the last shadow war. i was always a pious person even asa small child going to church with my famly and at the age of 13 herd the calling and joined the church. becouse of my millatary background i was given to the battle clerics for my traing. i served dutfuly until the one decided i would be more usful in another roll so i know find myself serving as a qustioner of the order charged with finding to shadows that hide in man's soul and casting them back into the abiss were they belong

a new chapter of my life has opened sent to skull island i have founf it to be a heven of evil but with the help of my comrades we have made a great dent in that evil but it seems the shadows are thick here for where ever i shine the light of justice and the one god more of those corrupt by power are found and there are thoughs in my party i feer for as well well i am wery to trust any mage lanak has shown himself to be a good man but i feer his trying to use evil agest evil could curupt him and damn his soul his new femilure is a problem well it may seem he is in controle i know it must be trying to curupt him i will keep an eye on them both i refuse to lose a good man to darkness, then there is dorien a good men but he harbers secrets that hunt him it is very dificult to walk in the light with shadows in your hart, finaly ofcorse there is janus i am most worried about him i find i can not trust him at all though he came supsedly to help invetage the goings on here he has always semed to be distarcted by other objectives though i know not what yet. at first i thought this just the frugle mind of a wizerd always looking for more power but soon he he showed me difernt first there was the isdent with the fake whight drgon wich cust us vitle information on the chancelors objetives here then his constent feer to get involeved with the chansolors man in sandpoint but he shows no feer in battleing any other foe including a red dragon and a socerus demon, then there was his unexplaned fall off a tower when asked how he survived he merly laghed it off as if anyone could do the same, and now this besnes with the head of the red circle no mage that powerful comes to visit a fomer student who is not even a member of his order just becouse he showed promis six years ago yes i must watch him very closely i do not know yet wether i belive he is actuly curupt or not but he is hideing far too much from us at this time and his true motives to be here are not clear.

Why you became an adventurer?:i am merely a servent of the one god and order of illimination

Close Friends:kendrak dwaven pladen of the one god
Enemies:all those who's souls are drenched in shadow

Personality: stern and serious one must always be vigilent those who walk in the shadow are meny

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