Name: Edris
Age: 17 Birthday: Titan 21
Description: Edris is not physically imposing, though he is handsome. He carries himself with an air of confidence and authority, and seems to expect that people will listen to him. He is always interested in learning about the world and the people around him, though he does not reveal much about himself.

Usual Dress: Smart, stylish, mostly black and obviously quite expensive.

Family: His parents were minor nobles. They raised him to be a loyal servant of the state, perhaps a diplomat. This is the source of his knowledge of the world and his negotiating skills. He would have preferred to be a singer, but could not defy them to such an extent.

History: He spent his teenage years as an apprentice diplomat, travelling to nearby nations with more senior envoys as part of his training. He was then assigned a job as assistant to the governor of South Condor. He was to help the governor investigate Andovan, who was rumored to be stealing from the government. He discovered that the stories are true - and that the governor is in on it. Andovan sent goblins to kill him, but, due to the arrival of the other party members, they did not succeed

Personality: Edris is intelligent and charismatic. He grew up in the nobility of Condor, who obviously subscribe enthusiastically to the Tahkene church and the idea that the strong should rule as they please. He was brought up to believe this, and did. He does not seem to be enthusiastic about it, however.

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