Age: 21 Birthday: Basilisk 12
Description: Hair color and style, eyes color skin color and type. general size and proportion.

Usual Dress: Either temple robes in Gilidan colors or simple clothes normally worn by working men.

Homeland: Freeport
Parents: My father was a mercenary,originally from Eroth. He settled in Freeport after arriving as a guard for a merchant. My mother was a local tailor. My mother died in a storm a few years ago, and my father died a couple of years after that. I'm not sure, but I think he may have been poisoned by an old enemy from his days as a mercenary.

Siblings: My older brother Kaldric became a soldier like my father, and he now works for one of the local city mercenary companies. My younger sister Treana works at the temple of Tempest, as they provide room and board. My two younger brothers, Greve and Dantico, depend on the rest of us for support, and are trying to get some sort of education to avoid becoming dockworkers or gang members.

Spouse/kids: No

History: I've always lived in Freeport. Things were pretty good for a while, but kind of fell apart after my mother died. My father tried to keep everything together, but he wasn't really cut out for that, and things got worse until he also died (I'm still convinced he was poisoned, but I can't prove it). My older brother fell in with the Blackened Knot, as he had inherited our father's skill with violence and they obviously appreciated that. I followed him into it, as it provided something to do and somewhere else to be. We spent our time patrolling the docks and keeping the good people of the city safe from the various criminal elements that threaten them, and enjoying the rewards of our loyal service.

We got ourselves in a series of fights with other gangs (as well as those who wouldn't support our protective efforts), and I have to admit I enjoyed them. One day, however, we went perhaps a little too far, and ended up running from some well-armed guards. After that, we needed to find some healing, so we broke into the Temple of Gilidan and stole a couple of potions. That worked well enough, so we tried it again later to get some more to sell to others in need. That time, however, I was caught by the temple guards. I guess they saw my potential, because they told me I could join the Temple as an apprentice to work off what I owed them.

In the temple, I learned there is more to life than fighting, and I started to read some of the books in the library. I got myself assigned to work in the area reserved for visiting wizards, and figured out how to cast a few cantrips. One wizard saw me do this, and offered to take me on as his apprentice. I agreed, and left with him (I figured I'd worked off what I owed the Temple, but I'm not sure they agree with me).

I spent the next couple of years working with Esdarian, and learned how to be a wizard. He worked periodically with the Society, especially focusing on research into the history of Freeport and Skull Island. He disappeared on what was supposed to be a routine expedition into the mountains in the center of the island, and I was again looking for work. I'd seen him do a fair amount of work with weather-related magic, and so I decided to learn what I could about that.

Why you became an adventurer?: See above

Close Friends: Assorted gang members, some younger Temple employees
Enemies: Other gang members, maybe the Temple (I've never been back to find out)

Personality: Life is unpredictable, so enjoy it while you can. Also, always be willing to move on, as not everyone will always be happy to see you.

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