Name: Edric Tobin
Age: 26 Birthday: (Tobins Birthday) Real Unknown
Description: 6' 3" 170lbs Cinnamon hair, Blue eyes, he has an easy and laid back deamnor but underneath one might notice a constent alertness like he is ever on watch for danger.

Usual Dress:he is almost always found in his full plate armor enamled gold with the lady sul on the chest. when not in his armor he prefers simple earth colors and a leather vest.

Homeland:true homland unknow grew up in erothParents:mudered when he was younger doesnt rember muchSiblings: unknowSpouse/kids:none

History: ::when he was vary young his parents were murdered but he does not know by who or how he was fond wondering dazed and covered in blood holding a holy smbole of sul. all he rembers is his dad working on an importent book that had somthing to do with names. he grew up in the toben orphanage and enjoyed a good childhood he took to the way of sul instently loving to help others and do charity. he discovered young that he was a protecter, many times he would defend the younger orphanes from bulles in the city who thought they were better becouse the had familys. in his teens he joined the church as a paladin. as part of his traing he was sent to work on a farm for a few weeks to teach him humility during this time the farm hes was on was atacked by bandits at the time he had no wepons so he grabed a scyth and drove the bandits away since that time he has taken a scyth as his chosen wepon..::

Why you became an adventurer?:to help, and defend all of sul's children

Close Friends:godric fairgate and thadius of sul

Personality: ::he is usly laid back and enjoys the gifts sul gives he is very found of children and trys to improve the lifes of the less fortunit ::

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