Name: Borug
Age: 16 Birthday: Kraken 2
Description: Dark haired,brown eyes and dark skin from working in the sun all day. Dorug is large for a Half Orc being 6 - 5in tall and 270 weighing pounds.

Usual Dress: carpenter and shipwright clothes, scale mail and heavy steel shield with trident. Also a carved symbol to tempest that Dorug wears proudly.

Homeland: Coast of Seaport
Parents: Both dead, Father (orc) killed by marines, while mother died shortly after Borug was born
Siblings: Full Orc half-brother
Spouse/kids: no

History: Borug was born to a tribe of sea fairing orcs that raided merchant vessels around Seaport. Borug was a strange child possessing more orc traits than normally seen by half orc children but having a sense of loyalty and kindness that was foreign to orcs. Borug was often beaten for showing weakness or kindness. Marcus was a human slave whose job it was to repair the raiding ships and improve the buildings of the tribe and one of Borug's few friends. Borug had gaining his trust after helping him recover after a vicious beating. Borug worked with Marcus often on the raiding ships learning the trade and various other things such as they worked. Marcus was well educated being a merchant captain before being captured on a raid. Dorug loved the sea and clings to a trinket devoted to Tempest given to
by Marcus.

Everything changed for Borug one day when Marcus was killed by a pair of orcs while Dorug
tried to protect him. The orc Chieftain along with Borug’s father decided that Dorug would be send on his first raid to learn to be a true orc at the age of 8. Little did the orcs know they had finally come to the attention of Seaports navy as the last ship they raided had carried some important supplies to the crafts guilds. The ship spotted by Borug’s raiding ship appeared to be a normal merchant but was full of Seaport marines in the hold. The raiding ship raced up alongside and grappling to the merchant tying the two ships together and sending the raiding parties across to capture the ship.

Just as they did marines appeared from every opening of the ship slaughtering the raiding parties. Borug and a few other orcs were captured to use as slaves or to gain the location of the raiders camp. Borug and the other orcs were moved to holding cells. Borug was later brought into a room backed by two marines to be interrogated. The leader to marine said to Borug “alright you filth half breed tell us were your camp is and we might just show some mercy”. Borug surprising them told them were the camp was replying “Those bastards took my mother from me and my one friend, promise me you will end them” The leader to the marines taken back by how willing Borug was to give up this information but forwarded this information to the captain. After wiping out the raiding village in a bloody battle Borug was transferred to a prison cell in Seaport.

Borug stayed in this prison for four years but finally proved he was no threat following all commands and causing no trouble. During this time, he continued to work on ships under
the careful watch of the marines of Seaport. After completing his time Borug was given an official title of a shipwright and was recommended to a small merchant company that was desperate for shipwrights.Working for this company for another 4 years as a shipwright and guard on many journeys.
borug being a young adult now was sent to the Syrian Academy to learn martial skills to improve his worth as a high-class guard for important clients on voyages.

Why you became an adventurer?: Borug became and adventurer to prove he was not a blood thirsty monster and to repay that merchant company that gave him a chance

Close Friends: Some Dock workers and other shipwrights

Enemies: Survivors of the orc raiding party

Personality: Borug is very protective of his friends but is also very careful of what he says as he does not want to the guards any reason to come after him. Borug has a hatred for full blood orcs as well as savage half-orcs that give the rest of them a bad name. Borug his strangely polite for a half-orc doing his best with the manners taught to him for escorting nobles. Borug often prays to Tempest to calm him and to give him strength

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