Name: Dorian Colbertson
Age: 23 Birthday: 13th day of the Sose

Description: Dorian stands 3'4" 38 lbs with short curly brown hair, Bright hazel eyes, with a touch more green than brown.

Usual Dress: A cloak hides studded leather armor, two blades adorn his belt. His belt has several different pouches built into them. A sling and bow are his only other noticable weapons. He has a brand on his right hand that he usually wears a glove with the fingers cut off to hide it. He has a jester’s costume in his backpack for when times arrise that a jester is needed, which in these dangerous times is few and far bewtween.

Homeland: None, a nomad all his life
Parents: Both parents are deceased - Mother was Olivia, Father was called Colbert, revealed to group that his mother's soul is trapped by the ringmaster of the

Siblings: None, rumors of a half-sister were told to him by the ringmaster
Spouse/Kids: None.

History: Born and raised in a circus, young Dorian learned the art of being a clown. He learned that his mother was abodoned (traded was a better word) by his father at the circus. His only knowledge of his father is that he was a horrible person, a hired killer. His mother died when he was very young, leaving the circus folk to be his foster family. He eventually learned and loved the art of a clown tumbling around to make people laugh especially children. He would also love to take from certain patrons who had excess coins, and pass it to the others, very rarely did he steal for himself. One night he was caught (around the time of his coming of age) and the circus agreed to punish him, which the ringmaster did gleefully. He was shown what the secrets behind the circus and that the ringmaster was in fact an evil and powerful sorcerer, who made a bargain with his father for power. It was his "obligation" to fulfill his end of the bargain, by finishing the job that his father never did. He was told that his soul was trapped in a painting. Still he refused to be part of the circus, then the ringmaster revealed that his mother did not die, her soul was held in a gem. In addition if he failed the ringmaster told him that he would just use his sister to fulfill the bargain. He had never even known that he had a sister, a half sister by his father. he was released of his duties to the circus and now is a travelling “performer”, trying to figure a way out of this bargain.

Why you became an adventurer?: No Choice really, what else was I going to do, be a cutpurse, burglar..

Close Friends: Rodur
Enemies: None that he knows, though he really does not like the circus

Dorian is typically friendly, and jovial. He enjoys good times and good ale. He hates bullies, and people who have what he considers to much, this is at odds with Father Cain who feels that bulling is a way to do good. He has affection for the poor, and beggars. He has no qualms about stealing to give to others, as he feels that wealth needs to be redistributed to those in need, one way or another.

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