David Nano

Name: David Nano
Age: 29 Birthday: Not sure
Description: Hair color and style, eyes color skin color and type. general size and proportion.

Usual Dress: Dresses in dark gray, magenta, and silver with a heavy hooded robe.

Homeland: None, has moved around from library to library without knowledge of where they were to protect them from the Vemoraxx.
Parents: Tim and Star are seekers, though Dave has lost track of where they are.
Siblings: Not that Dave knows of
Spouse/kids: none

History: Was born to two seekers, and it was discovered early on he had the blessing of Gilidan. He has trained in the libraries ever since.

Why you became an adventurer?: Part of it is his duties of being a Seeker, but mainly the part that most if not all his life has been inside buildings of knowledge like libraries, churches, and the college. Je just wants to be free from walls and tomes and explore the world even if it's short.

Close Friends: Tales of Chris Flameheart", 12 books of adventures, drama, and wonder

Enemies: The NAmeless one who wishes to hide knowledge.

Personality: He is a kind but quiet guy overall. He prefers to be in his own thoughts trying to solve questions with no easy answers. Keeps to himself. Loves puzzles and stories. Hates the ocean or lakes (cause can't swim) and bugs.

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