Darrick Essen

Age: 19 Birthday: 17th of the Spider
Description: Relatively tall, and well built. Pale skin, with jet-black hair and green eyes.

Usual Dress: Tries to be as fashionable as possible, but the small towns of rural Arnonia are not a good source of recent fashions. Therefore, often wears distinctly mismatched outfits. Always has an old family heirloom pipe, carved from the horn of a mighty dragon slain by my great-grandfather.

Homeland: My father was a career soldier in the army of the local baron. I lived in a succession of small towns as the army moved around.
Parents: My father was a soldier, and my mother worked a succession of small jobs as we moved around. Both of them died a few years ago, victims of the disease that periodically sweeps through the area.
Siblings: Several brothers, though I don't really know where they are any more. After my parents died, they moved off to bigger cities in search of employment and to escape the constant small wars between the local lords.
Spouse/kids: No

History: I lived most of my life in a series of small towns and military camps in the countryside of northern Arnonia. There were a series of small wars as Baron Seretov asserted his right to control all of his ancestral lands, but life was usually good. However, once the Baron had won that right, he became steadily crueler and less rational as the dark spirits left behind from the old days seeped into his soul. He began ordering all manner of tortures and executions to defeat enemies that did not exist, and eventually I was forced to leave before I got caught up in one of his purges of the army.

Why you became an adventurer?: I had to leave home, and soldiering is all I know. No Arnonian lord will take soldiers from other towns, as they do not trust them. That leaves little other choice…

Close Friends: I used to have some, but I had to leave them behind when I fled my old county. I don't know which of them started working as informers for the Baron, which means that I don't know which of them I can still trust should I meet them again.
Enemies: The Baron and his informers. Evidently, they think I work for one of the various groups pledged to overthrow him. I'm thinking of proving them right, but I don't know how to be a revolutionary.

Personality: Somewhat paranoid, and always careful to avoid anyone who could be working for the Baron. Also, takes great care to avoid offending the old spirits, as I have seen what they can do.

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