Daneg Barit

Name: Daneg Barit (Day-neg Bah-reet)
Age: 21 Birthday: 15th of Griffon
Description: 5’11" 175 Blue eyes, short cropped blond hair, (usually shaved bald)
Usual Dress: Traditional Isulki headgear, Practical monk’s clothing.

Parents: Mother is an unknown but reported to be a concubine of fisk the fat, the father is unknown.
Siblings: there may be many siblings of the half brother/sister but this is unknown.
Spouse/kids: none
Daneg was born in Torf, to one of the prettiest women under the “employ” of Fisk the Fat. He never knew his father and does not remember the city at all.

When Daneg learned to walk Fisk sold him to a man. This stranger took him to the monastery in the middle of the dessert high on a mountain. Here he has trained since childhood in the Way of the Shadow Cat, a kung fu type of martial art based on the fighting styles of Barig Dante, who legend has it learned it while watching Kithas, the mythical cat spirit.
Training was difficult and many students could not complete the tests to take the Great Journey, but Daneg did. He was told that The Kithas was real, and trapped in a small black figurine. Like those before him he is to retrieve any information on the location of the Great Kithas, and to bring it back if possible. He is to try to return between 24 and 36 cycles of the moon to report any information or to bring the figurine back. It has been only 1 months since leaving the monastery and as many have before has ended a sea trip in Seaport. While looking for information he was told that the academy there would hold knowledge and be a great place to start. So he heads to the academy to meet his destiny.
At the Acedemy He met a nobleman named Gabriel Daventree and his two friends Simon and Shaelynn. Gabriel was heading back to his ancestral home of Coral Reef. Daneg joined him and journeyed back, there he has become involved in helping Gabrial find his legacy, but he is ever vigilante on finding Kithas. During the journey they met a holy knight of the one god named Francis. While in Coral reef he met Bo and his friend hale (the son of a local celebrity). After many adventures both Bo and Shaelynn lost their lives. He has met some new companions the elf Pierce, minor nobleman Taven, and the priestess Jillian.

Why you became an adventurer?: As the story above illistrates he is searching for a lost relic

Close Friends: having lived most of his life in the monastery he has no friends beyond those walls. He has befriended Gabriel Daventree and his friend from the academy Simon. He also considers the mysterious holy warrior Remington an ally and feels a kindred spirit to his discipline. He also considers Hale a friend and ally, though he considers his chaotic manner and family as undisciplined. He considers the quiet Pierce, the zealous Jillian and brave Taven an ally, the the latter two he barely knows and is a little leery of them.

Enemies: The Black Cats thieves guild are the ancient enemy of the Shadow Cat monks, but this is only known to the monks. He has finally encountered them, but was surprised they even exist. Presumably the owner of Kithas would not like his object to be taken.

Personality: Daneg, is committed, once he promises something he makes sure to follow through with it. He will avoid promises that will stop his quest. He knows that he is a stranger in a strange land and not trusted, so he understands that people will react strangely to him. He is disciplined to keep control and calm, or at least he tries to. Daneg is a devoted follower of Kiril (God of Fate) and believes all is pre-ordained. Living in a monastery has made him a little naive to the outside world, but is learning quickly.

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