Name:Corvin Oakridge
Age: 17
Birthday: 19th of Unicorn
Description: Corvin is a tall young man His first beard has fully grown in. No longer living on the family farm due to it's destruction, he also used to study with the villige wisdom Azelle learning herbcraft and healing, untill her death involving her own herbcraft.

Usual Dress: Leather breeches and a green tunic, covered by a shirt of chain. Corvin carries a heavy flail, a Psionic longbow, and is known to draw a blade of psychokinetic energy.

Family: Corvin came from a big family. his entire family has been killed save for his brother Rydell was Maimed and turned by Andovan. the rest of his family three sisters Heather, Jasmin, Holly, and his parents Robin and Lily Oakridge farmers and herders were mercilessly slain by burning by Andovan. Details are known of this vile attack Corvin, Rydell, Tharen, Arthas were the targets of the attack. Any others killed in the incident were just collataral damage. Used to Force these young men into using the gifts "given" to them by The Triad. Recently discovered information verifies the claim that Corvin is not the child of the Oakridges as he was raised to believe but a being created by the Beta chapter of the Triad as a case study in the creation of Psionic beings.

History: Corvin was born and raised in the villiage Dansic. After the birth of his youngest sister Robin let Corvin move out into the loft over the family barn. While not the most aromatic of places, It is still the only privacy anywhere on the farm and that alone makes it a special place for Corvin. A typical day for Corvin was waking his sisters and his brother if he can be found to make sure the early morning chores are done. Most of the time everyone rises to help but on the cold grey mornings when Rydell just curls back up and settles back down to sleep, Corvin just takes up a double duty and works both his and Rydel's chores. After all the morning chores are done and eating a quick breakfast Corvin heads down to the fields to begin whatever chores have been set out for the day. After completeing whatever has been told to do, Corvin grabs a quick lunch and heads down to help the Wisdom. The Wisom oft times has Corvin mixing this or that for a headache or a cough but sometimes the old womans true knowledge shines thru is someone get stung or comes down with a harsh disease. Most days of rest at least in the morning Corvin spends his time gathering herbs and what not.

Personality: Corvin was an easy going guy that just wanted to help, often times this help is used to make up for the pranks his younger brother Rydel performed. Most of the time that he hung out with his friends Corvin spent his time "in the middle" of Tharen and Rydell stopping whatever little fight one or the other started. Now after everything that happened Corvin is having difficulty knowing what is the right thing to do anymore, with no sense of security or belonging besides his friends and now fellow outlaws he is just strugglining to stay alive and maybe find out what it is that caused all of them to lose everything that they had taken for granted. After the loss of Rydell to the hands of Andovan and the betrayl of his one time friend Victor Corvin sees the world in more shades of gray then he ever thought possiable. The hard thing is with all the shades of gray trying to stick to what little white remains in the world. Corvin has started leaning on Tharen more and more not only for his friendship but for the wisdom that Tharen truely does have. After a near death experiance with a vicsious wound, Corvin counts on Mathias a worshipper of Sul and new traveling compainion as a friend and as someone he can trust at least for now. A former travelling companion a student of a great sage, and a member of The Order. a group he believes me and the others belong to but neither us nor Thomas know what the order is. We have just picked up another party member Jak an interesting guy with a desire to please himself whenever the oppertunity presents it self by drinking, dicing, or deflowering in temples. Appears to be a Wild Jack in a game of chance.

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