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History: The Rain fell in buckets, and the lightning lit the sky, the night a small child was left on the doorstep of the Circle of the Secret Crescents. While this act was certainly rare, it was not completely unheard of. Secret worshipers, supporters, or sometimes just those wishing to earn the favor of the Dark Ppwers the Circle was known to serve would leave sacrifices. The babe was brought in and the rites prepared, but before the grim deed was done, it was halted by the High Priest who noticed something strange about the child. No matter how loud the thunder boomed that night, it remained quiet and alert. Its green eyes inquisitive, and ever searching. It did not cry. The High Priest thought this so strange, he considered it a sign of the Dark Powers, and spared the life of the babe. It was named Cole Mason, after a famous author known for his books about rites and rituals. So Cole became the first and only member of the Circle of the Secret Crescents to join before he could cast his first spell.
Growing up in the coven, was unlike any ordinary childhood. There were no loving parents, no watchful guardian. As soon as Cole was old enough to do chores he was put to work. He cleaned, fetched, and took lessons. Normal lessons like any other youth would take, and lessons, none his age would ever dream of. He was instructed in Magic, and the ways of the Secret Crescents, and the Dark Powers that they symbolized. There was no playing for Cole. It was study, and work. Cole learned quickly though and had a knack for the magic. He was still young when it was time for his choosing.
The choosing for a Witch can be a very different process depending on your coven and training. For some it is as natural as meeting a friend. For others it is a taming of powerful forces. The Circle’s choosing was a night long ritual done in the Standing Stones Northwest of Coral reef. This site is ancient, used by early druids, and some say it even goes back to the early fey, before this world and theirs split. The Witch has to spend the night chanting asking the Dark Powers of the Secret Crescents for their gift. Then just before dawn, a messenger would be sent. A companion that would share the life of the Witch. The entire coven was curious to see what kind of familiar the Dark Powers would grant for such a gifted witch. A witch, saved from sacrifice by their divine intervention, as some saw it. A crow, a black cat, a rat, or maybe even a feared wolfhound, so rare for a witch, but such a great honor. It was a shock when Cole returned with this thing.. this reptilian creature from the far north, who symbolized nothing of the Dark Powers the coven held so sacred. It was a farce, an embarrassment. The High Priest demanded the creature be put to death and a suitable familiar be chosen but Cole was no longer a student. He had gone through the choosing, and was now a Witch of the Secret Crescents. The High Priest could order no such action, but Cole did pay a price. From that day, we has an outsider. He was not involved in the workings of the Circle, not privy to their meetings, their discussions. He learned on his own, an outcast.
It was due to this isolation, that he discovered the Circle's intentions with their latest endeavor, too late. The circle had gathered together several artifacts from across time and were going to use it, to draw power from time itself. He knew the dangers, they all did, but somehow the others were blinded, following the instructions of the Dark Powers. He confronted them, and they saw this as a betrayal. He barely escaped from covenhome alive. He ran for FreePort. And the coven pursued thinking that he wished to reveal their plans. They caught up with him in the Port city, and captured him. The subjected him to the severing, to break his link to the Dark Powers of the Secret Crescents. His life was saved only by the intervention of the creature Exitar. Inevitable of Time. Exitar felt the implications of the coven’s work, and as guardian of time, intervened. He took Cole, and filled his mind with images of a world shattered, broken, and uninhabitable. The result of the coven’s ritual. He then formed a bond with Cole, replaceing the Dark Powers, and sending Cole back in the past to stop the coven before it could bring its plan to fruition. Unfortunately Exitar was inexperienced with humans and did not know that their minds were fragile. Cole's mind could not contain the awesome knowledge that the Inevitable has imparted on him, and the memories fragmented, some lost, some appearing only as visions, and some as memories that Cole was not sure were his. He traveled for months, as a madman, not knowing if even the world around him was real. Eventually his mind settled, and he found himself in a small town called Edgewood. He is not sure if the half remembered visions are real, imaginings of his fractured mind, or simply nightmares that felt too real. His past as a member of the circle seems like it is something from a dream. He has seen no sign of the coven since he came to his senses. He is still filled with the sense that something terrible can happen, and he needs to stop it. He also still feels the connection to the being, who embodies the power of time, and grants him his gifts. But he has no idea what his next step should be,

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