Cedrick Nivea

Name: Cedrick Nivea
Age: 21 Birthday: Dragon 1
Description: Average height, well muscled with blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

Usual Dress: Usually dresses in light armor, with a black surcoat

Homeland: Hilston
Parents: Mother is dead. His father Alba is alive in Hilston, working at a saw mill.
Siblings: One older sister, and a twin that he dosen't know
Spouse/kids: no

History: All of his life, Cedrick felt like a part of him is missing. He grew up in Hilston, his father working at the saw mill, and his mother keeping the home. His father is a stoic man, who does his work, and provides for him family, but that is pretty much it. His mother died when he was seven. His mother was not well. She often fell into fits of depression where she would lie in bed for days. Even when she was active, she was always disconnected, as if wandering around another world. She took her own life and the end. His only happiness he remembers was from his sister. His sister raised him trying to bring what joy she could to his life.
When Cedric was 12 his father told him that he once had a twin brother. Since his sister was the first born, and he and his twin brother were born, one of the was considered a "third" child and was supposed to be sent to the vemoraxx. They tried to hide him, but the Dragon Priests found out and came to take him away. When his father tries to stop them, they nearly killed him, and he walks with a limp even today. That was when his mother went into her depression.
Cedrick, finally understanding why he seemed so incomplete, left home a few years later. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find his twin, or just get away, and be on his own. His father didn't try to stop him, thought his older sister took it hard.
Cedrick lived int he woods with some woodcutters for a while, until he ran into an old trapper that everyone called Gray. He took a liking to Cedrick and taught him woodcraft. When Gray had taught him all he knew, Cedrick decided he wanted to know more about the Vemoraxx who had taken his brother. he made his way to seaport, where he knew there was a vemoraxx presence. While on his way there he came a cross a group of hunters who bit off more then they could chew and were being attacked by an owlbear. Cedrick was able to lead the creature awat and that is how he met Charles Lure, the son of a Seaport Merchant. They became friends, and it was charles who was able to sponsor Cedrik for entrance to the academy. While there he discovered a book called "To hunt Dragons". He has been learning from it, and about the the society of dragon slayers that have tried to combat evil dragon for years.

Why you became an adventurer?: in the time that Cedrik has been in Seaport, he has seen the Vomoraxx for what they are. He knows the people would rise up if only the dragon were somehow dealt with. He also thinks about finding his twin one day.

Close Friends: Charles Lure from Seaport. His father is a rich merchant, but will not question the vemoraxx.

Enemies: The Vemoraxx

Personality: Cedrick is pragmatic, and knows that his goal is most likely unattainable, but feels he must still do something. He doesn't expect much from others and know that not everyone is like him.

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