Carados Malavarax

Name: Carados Malavarax
Age: 22 Birthday: 17 Spider
Description: About 6 feet tall, with an athletic build, green eyes, and long red hair.

Usual Dress: stylish and flamboyant, usually colorful. Generally try to have some golden color in the outfit somewhere.

Homeland: Cadmir in Eroth
Parents:Minor nobles in Eroth until my cousin betrayed us to the Vemoraxx. I'm not sure what happened to them.
Siblings: Older brother disappeared when my cousin betrayed us. My younger brother is enrolled in the Academy. After the betrayal, we made an arrangement with the White Bear company whereby they paid his tuition in exchange for a promise to work for them after graduation.
Spouse/kids: None

History: Our family is descended from a Gold Dragon. We have been devoted to the God Sul. A couple of years ago, my cousin revealed this to the Vemoraxx, and they rewarded him by giving him the family title and helping him tap into his bloodline powers. My parents and my older brother disappeared, presumably to be "offered" the same opportunity. My younger brother was enrolled at the Academy, and was able to change his name and (so far) hide from the Vemoraxx.

After the betrayal, I fled the family home. I ended up with a group of sailors from the old Erothian Navy, who had now become basically pirates. I helped them smuggle stolen items to Freeport (every group needs a face) in exchange for their help in getting some refugees out with them.

After that, I came to Seaport to help my brother. We got him an arrangement with the White Bear company to prevent him having to drop out. While there, I met another student who was there more or less on scholarship. He decided to drop out and go back home to his girlfriend, but I persuaded him not to tell the staff that, and I've been going to classes under his name for the last few months.

Why you became an adventurer?: Didn;t have a choice.

Close Friends: I had some back in Eroth, but I had to abandon them when I fled the country. I haven't made any new ones in Seaport yet.

Enemies: My Cousin, The Vemoraxx

Personality: Devout and self-disciplined, but some temper and lustfulness shows through sometimes.

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