Name: Calen
Age: 115 Birthday: Shadow 30
Description: seagreen pale skin reddish brown hair slight sinewy build

Usual Dress: tooled leather armor over forest green jerkin blackened leather pants soft soled dark boots.

Homeland: Sanction
Parents:Kelvhan Father, Carpenter. Mother Hacathra, tended the home.
Siblings: None
Spouse/kids: None

History: My name is Calen Pilin'Tari, I was raised in Sanction, Eroth. Most of my young life was spent among Humans.My Father worked for the great Jedidayah Vorelyn. After my grandmother had passed my father was recruited by Jedidayah. Growing up among the humans and half elves we always tried to show up one another. So Dares and challenges and risk were are day to day games much to my parents discontent. Some of the children of the humans were mean spirited and bullies but my mother had always taught me to work around the differences in a group and learn to become part of the whole and help them succeed like my father. I don’t think she ever planned for it to be with a group of street thieves, We called ourselves the Hoods .I did a lot of immature things and one of them changed my life forever. I think I was about 40 when a group of travelers or merchants maybe came thru town. The Hoods and I robbed from them outside of the great forest. We lost two of our crew and another was badly injured. We hid in the great forest on the very edge for a few nights. I was walking along with Geri our de facto leader, That is when I saw it, a grand processional of shadowy figures quickly moving through the night. I was stupid and curious, I tried shadowing them following them to see what this all was. My mistake, for I had stumbled upon the wild hunt of the fey folk. As disturbing as it was it was also very entrancing watching them. I'm not sure how long I followed them or how deep into the woods we had gone. I saw them catch their prey and had a longing to take it down with them. I stepped forward from my hidey hole snapping twigs as I strolled forward the desire to join them, then it happened Hounds had caught my sent and I ran.I went from want to be hunter to scared prey in a heartbeat. I could feel them on my heels so I ran, Not very far mind you but I ran and hid and ran again. Deeper and deeper into the great wood, As fast as I could … into a tree. A great big majestic tree. Stunned and on the grown in a weakened state she appeared.

Rowanoak, Dryad of the great wood and she saved my life. She protected me from the hounds and claimed me as her own. I didn't know much of fey lore and she said “will you accept my gift of saving your life?” Entranced by her Beauty and my life being over in several short seconds how could I have possible refused. And with that I was bound to her and the great wood. She promised to me many things of wood lore and nature. How to speak to people the art of conversation and the lore of the fey. However, little did I know that in the halls of the Court the Dryads hold little sway. It was a great surprise then when she traded my debt to a Noble elf of the Unseelie Court, Echo Greyfreeze. I was heartbroken, for I thought Rowanoak cared for me. It was a hard lesson to learn that the fey do not think like us mortal folk. That their passion and affection is, as fleeting as the morning fog. Their sense of indebtedness however was not so fleeting. The elf made good use of the skills I learned in my youth, often using me to interfere in the doings of other mortals that were the pawns of his rivals. Recently he seems to have lost interest in me, and I have managed to live my life relatively free. However, the mark of the Hunt is always there and the hunt always gets its due. With his disinterest, how long before his protection fades and the hunt comes calling?

Why you became an adventurer?: By necessity, Moving often and not putting down roots that can be twisted for enjoyment doesn't leave a lot of career choices open.

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