Captain Brion Bronzebeard

Name:Captain Brion Bronzebeard
Age:112 Birthday:18th of the Kraken
Description: 5'4" 210lbs red hair with bronze dust in his beard bright green eyes. His skin is dark and leathery from years in the sun. His hands and arms are covered in scars from many battles and brawls. He is a loud spoken and lively man with a passion for fighting and drinking, though sometimes when he is in his cups he gets a far off sad look in his eyes like he is looking at some far away thing no one else can see. When asked about it he usually whispers the name Ashia then snaps out of it, yells bah and starts a good old bar fight. He loves to talk of his days as a pirate sailing all across Nor, though many find some of his wilder stories hard to believe, though not so hard as his fist. They keep that to themselves for a mug of ale or a shot of whiskey a bit of brandy or some hard cider, Maybe a good glass of wine and he will gladly entertain you with his stories or give you some advice of the best sailing routes. He is also known to help travelers not wise to Freeport to find a good ship or show them the safer parts of town…..for a bit to drink of course. He keeps a room at the Lost Lass but never drinks or spends time there but to sleep. rather he roams the docks and spends his time at the Rusty Hook, The Broken Mug, the cracked pot or The One Ring. He is a retired pirate though he has said for years that it's only a temporary retirement and that he is just waiting for the right sign. He wont tell anyone what it is, but he has been seen talking with any new captain that comes to port in hushed tones. Anyone close to him knows he is looking for information on his lost love and his missing ship.

Usual Dress: He dresses in simple but well made and comfortable leathers and a linen shirt with a leather long coat with his old clans insignia of a shield with an axe over a mug. but in his pirate days he was clad in heavy armor boasting that a dwarf is born in armor and if one is going to drown he should do it proper surrounded in good steel. He is also never seen without his unique and signature weapons a pair of axe pistols he calls the Wicked Sisters.He also travels with a talking macaw name paulie d.

Homeland: Goradon
Parents: A dwarf don't talk bout his family, it's just not proper.
Siblings: an older brother
Spouse/kids: bah mind ye own, what ya writin a damn book!

History: i was born in Goradon and before you ask no i wont tell you where it is bah. anyways i was born to a well to do family with a high place in the clan. i had a good childhood and was a dutiful dwarf learning my history and traditions. my best friend growing up was Ashia the most beautiful dwarven girl to walk nor. We were always close growing up. but she was always willful and spirited and i could never understand it. When were got older our betrothal was announced and i couldn't have been happier.but Ashia wanted more she wanted to go exploring and have adventure but of course that was too dangerous and we had a duty to our clan to have a family. Well that was not good enough for her so one night she took off and hid on a trade ship bound for the outside world. tTe ship returned a few weeks later to report being attacked by the pirate Black Bart who took Ashia on as a crew member. i was heartbroken but knew at once that i had to win her back. It was a few months before i found my way out. i was able to talk the captain of the ship that had been attacked to take me on. i took a chest of gold , some chainmail and a good axe and left. i got off in Freeport and spent some time in the city learning about boats the sea and most importantly pirates. i learned how they loved there reputations and were fiercely territorial. so i decided i would become a pirate build up my name and make Black Bart come to me so i could take my revenge and win back my love. so i bought a ship found a loyal but loosely moraled crew and raised the colors. My ship was the Willful Lady and she was a beauty. i spent the next years sailing the seas plundering and making a name for myself i took to sprinkling bronze dust into my beard and took the name Bronze Beard.then the day came there was her sails on the horizon. Finally i had The Reaper in my sights i started yelling orders and was looking though my looking glass and then i woke up on the beach coughing and spiting out sea water. My ship was gone and there was no sign of my crew and i have never seen her since. i returned to Freeport and learned of Barts arrest and was there to see him do his dance on the gallows, but my, ship my crew and the only treasure worth having are all lost to me for the time being.

Why you became an adventurer?:i had a score to settle with a certain pirate and a treasure worth all of nor to win

Close Friends:Dakarta Gringsson is like an aunt, Dimetrios, Thulmir Quent is more just an acquaintance who sometimes refers people to Bronze Beard for advice or information on pirates. Donna Erickson he considers like a niece and is often over protective of her when customers get out of hand. Urian Talgriff he sometimes does work in his smithy doing repairs on pistols and even sometimes makes a custom pistol for a wealthy captain. Any of these people can tell anyone looking where to find him
Enemies: the royal navy of Eroth, the navy of Seaport and the dead Black Bart

Personality: loud and passionate for a good drink he will tell you a tale and generally gets along good with most folk, he does tend to be very superstitious. No sailor in his right mind takes a ship out without 13 cats abourd and spiting

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