Character: Bo Colt Revmint

Name: Bo Colt Revmint
Age: 23 Birthday: Spyder 11
Description: Dark hair worn short with bangs. Tall for a human but beside that very non descript and average looking. Blue eyes witha mischevious glint to them.

Usual Dress: Simple leathers nothing flashy or memmorable

Homeland: Coral Reef

Bo is a simple country boy who grew up on Skull Island. His child hood was a peaceful one, sometimes he helped his Pa track buck for the cold winter months or helped his ma with the chores, oft times he spent his time playing in the woods. Then something bad happened, Bo was 7or 8 when his parents were mauled by a wolf, nothing to strange in these parts but it never sat quite right with Bo.

He was brought to Coral Reef by his aunt and apprenticed a sage. Even though he had plenty of chores, the old man made sure Bo had a child hood too. During the day Bo was pretty much free to do has he pleased often times spending the day away from the civilization. At night he spent long hours learning to read and write. Learning about Nature, magic, local history, engineering, the planes, and religion. All manner of things to help him in his soon to be profession. Now and again he would come upon some lore or scrap of story about Coral Reef or Skull Island, and jot down a few notes her or their.

Then something strange happened he was running errands for the sage when he saw a fight out in the market place. He felt strange almost compelled to watch. What at first seemed like a one sided battle quickly changed it’s momentum when the underdog slew the elegant handsome man. Bo was quickly rushed away and brought home before he could learn much more. But he could swear someone said Vampire.

After the duel things were quite around town and not many people were seeking the advice of the old sage. So during his free time Bo wandered the woods or hung around at the gunsmiths in town. He fancied the gunsmith’s daughter, and figured that if he could make an impression on her father he may well have a chance. One day her father actually asked for Bo’s help. Bo was shocked thinking now was his chance he quickly gathered up all the things the gunsmith asked for and helped him as much as he could. After that Bo began burning the candle at both ends so to speak, During the evening hours he helped the sage and mid morning till noon he was helping the gunsmith. Until the gunsmith and his family up and moved one day, no word ever reached Bo on why they just left like dust on the wind.

Things got back to normal soon enough. And Bo was once again learning and such but he still practiced what he learned from the gunsmith. One night while his master slept, Bo began going through some old journals and notes that the old man had just acquired. Then he came upon one Journal written by a man named Victor Belmont, this journal described so many evil things that threaten Nor. Skeletons and Zombies, Lore on Ghost and other spirits, Even notes on vampires and werewolves. Bo Quickly began transcribing these notes.

Why you became an adventurer?: The alternative lifestyle back home is something i could do without.

Close Friends:

Personality: Quite till he warms up to you, Bo is a joker at heart, but all jokes aside when it comes to stopping the bastards of the night.

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