Bo Colt Rev Mint

Name: Bo "Colt" Rev'mint Bo's Journal
Age:22 Birthday: Phoenix 1
Description: Hair color and style, eyes color skin color and type. general size and proportion.
Long dark hair under a weather beaten wide brimmed hat dark eyes and an easy smile, tanned skin from daily chores, Bo stands about 5'6" 180lbs stocky but not from drinking too much.

Usual Dress: wide brimmed black hat and a black duster, small silver sun disc necklace and dark brown breeches. below the knee leather boots with a cross of iron under the right heel to ward off spirits. Bo wears that damn coat everywhere mostly to hide the twin daggers on his thighs upon close examination one looks beaten an old forged in the cold iron process the other is nothing more then a fire hardened ash stake with crossguard and wrapped leather handle. a stout oak shield and a battered suit of studded leather hides beneath his coat. and he always keeps victoria his light crossbow in arms reach. a normal backpack with two pouches sewn on to hold the only books he carries a prayer book to sul and a journal given to him by his father.

Homeland: Born and raised south of coral reef on a small farm
Parents:Mama died bout 10 years back and father never cam home about 12 years ago
Siblings: not from my mama but father was a bard…
Spouse/kids: nothing serious but has a little thing with sally one of the cooks/serving girls at the overlook tavern.

History: ::after his father never came back from his travels and his mama was laid to rest from a wolf attack, Bo went to live with his uncle Crow in coral reef proper. Crow made the young man learn all sorts of things like reading and writing and was training him to be his apprentice/scribe. That was till some people started disappearing and a little research showed somethin wernt quite right around town. thats when he went hunting for the first time. now in all truth that one was weak and already wounded but put up one hella fight. only by the lady's grace did he make it out alive. since that day Bo's been standing up to fight those things that go bump in the night. he found himself an ally one of the nobles kids also wanting to stand up for the light and they work as a team cuz it's damn too dangerous facein off against the night by yer self.
Why you became an adventurer?:
someone's gotta stand up for all the sheep
Close Friends:
Saxton Hayle II a good friend and fine hunter
as a kid he was always getting into little tiffs with the noble boys when they started pickin on some one (useually him)
Personality: ::Bo's a good guy enjoying life to the fullest when he's not on a hunt when he is he's useally pouring through his notes or figuring out where when and how to take down his mark.

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