Name: Bannon of the Saltpans
Age: 24 Birthday: 19th Day of the Dragon
Description: Light Brown Hair, Green eyes and Tan skin. Well proportioned for my size neither too big or too small..

Usual Dress:Leathers and brown breeches with a Green cloak.

Homeland:Saltpans north of Turtleback Ferry
Parents:My father is the only parent still living, my mother died when I was young.
Siblings: none
Spouse/kids: none

History: ::My name is Bannon, I am from the Saltpans north of Turtleback ferry. The Saltpans are basically a wilderness of bogs, piney forests and rolling hills. Civilization is kept to some meager hamlets that dot the landscape. It is a hard land with harder people inhabiting it. The only known things about this part of the world are the peat moss, and salt mine. I was born to a poor peasant farmer and his wife an elvin woman. Elves are rare in the Saltpans, in fact my mother and another elf ranger named Varendel are the only two that I know. My mother died of some strange illness when I was ten years old. She taught me elven, and told me of the land of the Elves her homeland, the Island paradise called Feyrun. She said that my father was a sailor, and had found her at sea after a storm had destroyed the Elven ship she was on. They both bonded something elves can do apparently and with little money they moved north from Freeport to escape the persecution of that comes with a mixed race couple. The only thing I remember was my mother had a silver moonstone necklace, since then I am fond of moonstones. Varendel confirmed one thing that he doubted my mother was from the lost Isle, but the few times she spoke to him she spoke in an older dialect of Elven, which he did not recognize. My father is a farmer, we basically farm to feed the miners.

My father said that the salt mines were there from the beginning of Coral Reef. He also mentioned that in olden times it was mined by slaves, and the people of the Saltpans are descended from these slaves. It is also said that miners dug to deep and unleashed the horrors that plague the Saltpans. The mines were cleansed by Dwarven Paladin from FT Rennik. However every now an then something came out of the mine. We have set up militias to contain the horrors, and that is where I received my military training, alongside Varendel who taught me ranging. The mines have been quiet especially since the Elonquincido trading consortium bought them, but every once in a while someone will still disappear in the night.

Why you became an adventurer?:The Elonquincido basically own almost all of the Saltpans including the general store near the mine. My father needed a new plow, in exchange I agreed to help run some shipments to and from Turtle back ferry. It was during one of these trips that I met the goblin wandering in the woods. One day while looking for something in the house I came across my mother’s moonstone jewelry, and began to yearn, something in my blood started to stir. A desire, no a need to know more about her. I actually knew little of being an elf, hell I even spoke elvin with a human accent, well that is what Verendel told me. I confronted my father about, my yearnings and he confided that he understood, he was young once and also had a need to explored the world. We decided that my next trip for the store would be my last, I would take the money and go south or to wherever Twil or Fate would take me. My father said not to worry about him he was a tough old sea dog, and The Saltpans would be waiting if I ever returned. With that I took some belongings and left.

Twil’s luck was with me not only did the Storekeep had something for me but I could leave right away. I sold what he had and took what I thought was owed me and gave the rest to Varendal to take back., knowing the store keep he probably thought I stole from him We said our good byes, and I stayed in Turtle back ferry when who should walk in but that Goblin I had saved once in the woods, escorted by an interesting lot. The rest is as they say history.

Close Friends: The other party members, Varendul an Elvin Ranger in the North, who is my mentor and confidant.
Enemies: The Storekeep? Unholy horrors that like to prey on innocence.

Personality: ::Bannon is new to urban life, having lived in poverty in a long time, he is not used to the finer things. He is a bit Naive, but he knows it and he keeps his guard up especially to people he does not know.

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