Name: Azeroth, Exiled Khan of the Ungol
Age:16 Birthday: 13th of the dragon
Description:6'6", 290lbs, brown eyes, black hair kept in a top knot, and black skin with a golden sheen.

Usual Dress: Thick furs made form the hide of Yeti.

Homeland: Northern Black Lands
Parents: Mother, Sidra of the Ungol. Father: unknown orc. Uncle: Deceased Khan of the Ungol.
Siblings: None
Spouse/kids: None

History: Azeroth is one of the Blooded, descendant of the Great Khan of the Ungol, Ulaki, of the Dragon Blood. His Uncle Uzemi led the tribe for 25 years, but did not have any male sons. When he dies, by right, his Sister's Son, who carried the Blood of Ulaki should have become leader, but he young, and his gift had not yet manifested. Instead Karnock, Blood of the Demon declared himself leader and ordered Azeroth to fight for the role or forever leave the Ungol. Being just 14, a boy, and one who has not come into his power, there was no way he could defeat Karnock. His honor demanded it though, so his mother fed him herbs that made him sleep deeply, and stole away with him to save him from the new Khan.
They made their way West toward the Free Cities of Lain, where Sidra though she could find safety. The way however was treacherous and filled with danger. To reach the Free cities they had to past the White Death. This tundra was known to cause the deaths of many Ungol during their forced migration. It is easy to get lost, has no foraging, and it the hunting ground of the great Mantidrake know as FrostSorrow. Five long day they trekked through the frozen Tundra, and just before the reached the mountain pass that would bring them to Lain, A Blizzard hit. It was not one of the deadly storms that froze people in their tracks, but its snow and wind was enough to hide the coming of FrostSorrow. It wasn't until he heard the scream and the 3 foot icicle peircing her that he knew that death had come. With her last breath Sidra bade him Run, but it was then his blood awoke. He filled with Rage and with that power that came from the Blood of his ancestors, and the ancient might of the Dragon who so had, so many years ago, has his blood stolen for it's power. He changed physically, becoming stronger, his hand grew into claws, like the Dragon that gave his blood power and he tore into FrostSorrow with a vengeance. His first blow blinded the creature in one eye, his second tore its wing. Had this been a Bard's take, Azeroth would have finished the beast and avenged his mother, nut alas this was not. After the first attack Frostsorrow quickly recovered, and grabbed the boy like a doll, intent on ripping him limb from limb. Instead something from the winds and snow called, and the Mantidrake dropped him to the ground and left him there in his sorrow. Beaten, wounded, and grieving, Azeroth almost gave up and laid down to die, but the blood of Ulaki would not allow it. He rose, and continued his journey to the free cities, knowing one day he would return and visit vengeance upon the Khan who caused his suffering.

Why you became an adventurer?: What is there for an exiled Warrior.

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