Name: Arthas Shieldheart
Age: 16
Birthday: 14 Griffon
Description: Arthas is of average height, though shorter than most of his friends, with brown hair and eyes. While not exceedingly muscular, the years of work at the forge have done much to improve his muscles and constitution, making him stronger than nearly half his friends.

Usual Dress: Arthas wears simple farmer's pants and tunic, looking like he belongs more in a field sowing seeds than adventuring, carrying just his staff and backpack.

Family: Arthas is an only child. His parents died when his house burned down at age ten, and he was taken in by his Uncle Nathan and Aunt Beru, who were slain in a recent attack.

History: Born in the small village of Dansic, Arthas had a bit of a comfortable lifestyle in his younger years, being spared from the toils of the farm or forge. His parents, Klaus and Meredith Shieldheart, were traders, and after Arthas's birth Klaus took to the trade route with his neighbor Palus while his wife stayed in Dansic to recuperate. When she recovered, she too joined Klaus on the trade route and Arthas stayed with his Uncle Nathan, offering minor aid at the forge until his parents returned from their trek north. It was a comfortable life until his tenth year; his house went up in flames, presumably from a knocked over lamp, and both his parents were killed. Arthas would have suffered the same fate if it were not for his Uncle Nathan, who rescued him from the building before the flames collapsed it. His Uncle Nathan and Aunt Beru took him in, and he took on work as his uncle's apprentice as a blacksmith. Six years passed with little incident. It was in his sixteenth year that the small village of Dansic was attacked by red-skin goblins lead by a half-masked man, forcing Arthas and his friends out of Dansic.

Personality: Arthas tends to be the know-it-all and naysayer of his friends most of the time, ever reminding them of the trouble they cause – the spoilsport – unless he likes what's going on, or where things are going. He prefers the use of logic and deduction for most situations, placing great weight on such faculties, believing they're always applicable to any situation. He is usually the first to express concern of a situation or plan that may be heading south, and tends to be too accurate in such assessments. Arthas is intelligent and mildly observational, and usually easy going if things are going well, but suffers from an acute (and often irrational) fear of fire from his parents' house burning down at age ten.

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" I've known Arthas a long time and he's a good guy he just has to make sure everything is perfect all the time, that can get annoying real quick." Corvin Oakridge

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