Archibald Dragomir

Name: Archibald Dragomir
Age: 22 Birthday: Unicorn 16
Description: Relatively skinny, with pale skin and greenish eyes. Seems friendly, but always a little distant.

Usual Dress: Simple, but fashionable, tunic with a cloak in the latest style. Some tasteful jewelry, and a classy purple velvet hat.

Homeland: Freeport
Parents: Solid citizens who worked for the University in Freeport. Both dies some years ago.
Siblings: Three younger brothers. After my parents dies, I had to look after them myself.
Spouse/kids: Currently engaged to Sara, a woman who lives in Coral Reef and works as a waitress at the Hunt Club

History: Since my parents died, I've had to look after myself and my brothers. Freeport is not an easy place to be an orphan, and I never had the patience to be a good thief. I learned to grab things and run (I could always do that), until one day I ran into someone who saw my strength and speed and decided to help me. He explained that he would let me work for him, and not turn me over to the Bloody Judges as long as I worked for him.

I didn't know it, but I can be a very persuasive man. He found that I was very good at getting people to see his side of things, and I could solve some of his difficulties quickly and easily. After a couple of years of loyal service, he said I had proved myself. He told me I was no longer an employee, and that he now considered me to be family. I continued to help him resolve his arguments with people who wanted to take things from him, and I was able to provide for my brothers. I even got them into school.

After that, the blackouts started. Every once in while, I would completely loose track of who I was, and come to days later somewhere else. After a couple of these incidents, I was arrested (apparently I did some rough things while I was out…). They wanted to throw me away, but my family rescued me, and I was officially convicted of assault. I was sentenced to a few months in jail. While there, I was introduced to Marcus Steele. He explained the truth of my nature, and promised to come for me the next time the moon came.

He did come for me, and my family helped me slip out for the night. He took me into the forest, and we ran through the trees deer all night. I can't remember anything else, but I knew I had found where I belonged. After a couple more weekend furloughs, my family sent me to live with Marcus. Marcus explained how Coral Reef is ruled by Lady Annalee, and how she seeks to kill our people. He taught me how to work against her, and I was glad to help. I've always been good at getting people to see reason and get with the plan, and I found plenty of people who need persuading in this town.

I still keep an eye on things here for my family back in Freeport. They've been good to me, and I want to return the favor. I also try to send something back to my wife Sophia, who lives in Freeport and keeps an eye on my brothers for me.

Why you became an adventurer?: I fight for Marcus, because I owe him everything. I fight for my family, because they've been good to me. I fight because I enjoy it, really. Also for money, which means beer and Sara, and also a roof over my brothers' heads.

Close Friends: Marcus Steele, Mr Wednesday (family more than friend, I suppose), my fiancee Sara, members of the Hunt Club

Personality: Wine, Women and Song, as well as a little violence every now and then.

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