Age:20 Birthday:16 shadow
Description: brown hair and eyes cut in a miltary cut, he is 6' 2" 220lbs and his hands and face are covered in tattoos that are small ruins that make the shape of thorns

Usual Dress: when not in his armor he wares black gloves and a head wrap to cover his tattoos

Homeland: he was raised in the black lands but his birthplace is a mystery
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Spouse/kids: none

History: ::when he was 3 years old he was taken from his family by an evil wizard. he spent the better part of his youth being trained to fight and kill killing his first person at the age of 7, he was also subjected to dark rituals which resulted in his markings what these acutely do he is unsure. at the age of 16 teen during one of the rituals a grope of the gardens of nor came to his rescue attacking the wizards strong hold. during the Battle a chunk of wall came crashing down on the mage and alric was saved. for the next two years some members of the gardens tried to help him understand what was done to him and help him return to the world he had been sheltered from teaching him right from wrong or trying. just as i was getting comfortable in my new life my master once agen found me and tried to capture me but with the help of the gardens i was able to escape agen but before i did i saw him take a sword trust to the chest and shrug it off. shortly after this i started a new life as a mercenary and was hired by the society. this is when i meet my best friends who i now adventure with. during my 4 years of freedom all i have been able to learn of my master is that his powers are connected to demons and he is somehow immortal. i will some day learn how to kill him and truly be free. so during our adventures i have just had the good fortune to be humbled in a fight. i lost my head as i sometimes do and took on some guys who defently outclassed me but this is good everyone needs this from time to time helps keep me on my toes and striving to get better. now i just wish the voices would stop trying to get me to go poison them.

Why you became an adventurer?: it was a chance for a new life and with the society i can gain access to info i need to find a way to kill my master

Close Friends:my adventuring party they are my only friends
Enemies:my former master and anyone who would deal with demons

Personality: ::well how do i say this umm i am crazie yes i just said that. see i have a lot of trouble knowing right from wrong then on top of that i hear voices in my head some are demons and they are always telling me things to do, then there is me but its not me now its me when i was a kid, also there are very faint and distant voices that i think are my parents but its hard to hear them. also i sometimes have trouble knowing if things are real. i have recently come into a bargen with two little people they seem nice and just need someone to watch out for them i have no clue if there real or just two new voices but ether way i always like to help people who need it just like i was helped. i can also be very forgetful the only things i can ever truly remember or concentrate on without difficulty is fighting. sometimes i think this might all be part of the tattoos but i dont know i have know idea what they do but i cant remove them i wont even let someone else try its weird. but despite all this i have found the best way to deal is to just go with things and not worry to much my friends are good and usually try to keep me from doing anything bad when i am having trouble knowing right from wrong. i hate to see people being hurt like i was and think everyone deserves to be saved and defended but i also have a bit of a temper that sometimes escapes me i swear sometimes i almost think something is trying to corrupt me but thats just crazie.

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