Channel Ideas

Wraithful Channel
Pre Req: Ability to channel energy, Knowledge (appropriate) 5 ranks
Benefit : Choose a creature for wich you have the appropriate knowledge skill for (Dragons, Demons, Devils, Lycanthropes, Elemntals) You treat the chosen as undead when channeling or turning (if you have that feat) DM - Sorry no. This should be tied to domain.

Focused Channel
Pre Req : Ability to channel energy, Heal 5 Ranks, Selective Channel
Benefit : You can spend 2 uses of channel energy to apply your channel to a single target within 60f. You made add your class lvl to the amount healed. Sorry another no - ranged cure spell at lvl 5 without using spell and having no max on the plus. Why use a spell then. Channels come cheap. Think about a feat for ranged touched.

Imbued Channeling
Pre Req: Ability to channel energy, Domain power that gives a bonus or penelty
Benefit : By spending 2 channels and a 1 round action you can grant all within 60ft the benefits of a channel and one of your 1st level domain powers. This ability may not be used with selective channeling. This one sounds pretty good as long as we limit it to level one abilities. I will look at domain abilities again to gauge the power.

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