Captain Arak And The Ebon Storm

Captain Arak, was a famous sailor who traveled the great Arath Ocean. He started his career as a mercantile captain, trading good from East to West Aranthar. The routs he traveled were dangerous and filled with pirates, but the captain put together a fighting crew and his skill and tactical knowledge allowed him to best every pirate that tried to take him. He made himself quite a bit of gold, and commissioned a ship unlike any that had been built for trade. The Ebon Storm was more warship then hauler, and Arak set himself against the pirates of the Arath Ocean. He issued a challenge and took any that dared face him, collecting more than a few bounty during his time. He was responsible for capturing notorious figures such as Falcone, the Elven pirate with an all Elf crew, Scrag Beard, a half orc pirate whose viciousness was legendary, and the Red Bitch, A female captain of an all female crew who like to castrate the crew of the ships she captured.

Eventually Arak ran up again politics though, for he had taken a pirate who had been in the employ of one of the captains on the council of freeport. As payment, Arak, was imprisoned in jakes, and his ship commandeered by the Freeport Navy. He managed to escape with the help of some adventurers, and stole his ship back and then turned to piracy himself. He target the ships of the captain's council members, and was very successful, until he chose the wrong haul one day. He took a boat flying the council's flag only to discover that it was a commissioned vessel and it sole cargo was a chest heavily laden with gold. The gold was the property of the church of Incanus, and when they found out about the theft, they hunted Arak down. They followed him to his hidden cove, a harbor used by pirates for years. It was a place of many atrocities, and the priest used their power to command the dead of the island to attack Arak and his crew. They retrieve the chest and used their power to collapse the entrance into the harbor, forever trapping the captain in his cave of treasure, along with the living dead of the victims of years of pirate attacks. Before the captain and his crew surcame to them, he prayed to Tempest to save him.

Tempest struck a deal with Incanus, and instead of his soul being dragged to the underworld, incanus instead gave the captain unlife. He and his crew became undead instrument of Tempest's will. When ever a ship breaks the laws of the sea, the lady of storms send the Ebon Storm and its ghostly captain to take vengeance

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