Capital city of Condor. Recently destroyed by the goddess Tahkene

The city was destroyed by the Mother of Monsters as revenge for the fading faith of her clergy, who spent more of their energies on political and status disputes than on spreading her philosophies and proselytizing in her name. Enraged, she sent the Garabedian to attack the city. Many of her clerics, including the head priestess, were killed in the scouring, along with many of the people of the city. The survivors fled, returning only after several days had passed to gather what they could. A few brave souls settled amidst the ruins, but most thought better of it and found other places to live.

Some months later, the son of the dead high priestess, Prince Edris Obora, returned to Condor and Calista. He had, in the course of his travels abroad since the attack of the Garabedian, become the Favored of Takhene. The goddess herself appeared to him to propose a pact whereby he would return to reclaim his rightful place, and he in turn would restore her to hers, as the sole and unchallenged religion of the nation. Prince Edris launched a rebuilding campaign, using the magical talents of the clergy and the physical labor of thousands of orcs and goblins given to him by his goddess. Months of hard work followed, as the increasingly loyal followers of the Prince of Construction tirelessly drove to create a city worthy of Takhene's forgiveness.

As the campaign progressed, the refugees returned to the city, and joined in the effort. Prince Edris (he refused the title King, in deference to the real Queen of Condor) gave many stirring speeches, urging the citizenry to pitch in and assist in the clearing and reconstruction. The appreciation of the people for the inspiration provided by the Great Prince's leadership can be seen in the numerous statues, mosaics and paintings of him that line the streets and parks of the rebuilt city. Of course, as a sign of the Most Holy Prince's humble piety, no depiction of him may be larger than the great statue of Takhene in the park outside the rebuilt cathedral in the center of the city.

In accordance with the teachings of the Mother of Monsters, the Prince of Civilization allows any creature who will not cause trouble to live in the city. As with the rest of Condor, the city follows the law of might; the strong survive, and the weak take whatever is left. Within the city, everyone with something to offer belongs to a group of some sort; this allows them to protect themselves from the dangers of the monstrous inhabitants of the city. Those who do not have anything useful to contribute usually discover that, if no organization will take them, that they are better off outside the city, in a smaller community. This internal competition ensures that the city is filled only with the strong and talented, as Takhene teaches.

As the Prince of Magicians furthered his own studies (how he found the time to develop his own talents whilst simultaneously working long hours overseeing the rebuilding efforts is a mystery marveled over by the populace), he became a master of illusion. This allowed him, with some assistance from the clergy, to create a series of permanent illusions that complete the effects of the statues and pictures. The greatest of these sits around the great statue in front of the cathedral. It covers the marble statue in the black of Takhene, while simultaneously showing her smiting her various enemies (other gods and their more prominent servants). Others decorate the various statues of the Glorious Prince, replaying some of his famous speeches.

Near the cathedral, the Artists' Prince ordered the construction of a theater. He ensured it is the grandest such building on the continent, and named it the Condor Metropolitan Theater. However, the adoring subjects of the Enchanting Prince refuse to use the name, calling it instead the Prince Edris Theater. The theater is run by Jak Tagowa, a former bodyguard of the Adventurer Prince. It runs a wise variety of plays, showing the many different ways in which the Savior of Condor has, through his faith in Takhene, restored the glory and pride of the great nation he leads. Occasionally, someone will suggest that it should run a different play, but the audience always makes clear its lack of interest in such shenanigans. Their love for the Prince of a Thousand Titles always shows through.

Announcement For Crimes against king and country a reward of 500 silvers is offered for any information leading to the capture of a man named Kane.

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